Important House Demolition Steps You Should Know

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Regardless of the size of the building to be demolished, house demolition companies follow a series of rules and safety protocols. Demolition just doesn’t involve explosives or excavators to bring down a huge building within minutes.  House demolition companies Vancouver and elsewhere use a  series of processes to examine the building well, before deciding on the mode of demolition and post-demolition cleanup process.

Here is a list of the mandatory processes or steps that house demolition companies follow before they take up any project.

Thorough survey of the building

In this method, house demolition companies study the building and its structure thoroughly to chalk out a proper demolition plan for the same. Some of the points considered while surveying the building are:

  • Existing condition of the building
  • Materials used for construction and presence of hazardous materials, if any
  • Assessing the utility lines like drainage, water, etc.
  • Checking the status of the neighborhood to know how the noise and dust of demolition would affect the surroundings

While studying the structure, a team of professional house demolition researches the architectural style of the building and the basements.

Keeping hazardous, chemical and other toxic materials away

Considered to be one of the most important steps in demolition, this process involves the safe disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos, so that the soil can be cleaned and set right for the demolition activity. Professional demolition experts perfectly understand the different disposal methods of waste materials; therefore, they ensure that it is done in an eco-friendly manner, before starting the demolition contract.

Getting the demolition plan ready

Based on the reports collected from the survey, demolition companies prepare a detailed demolition plan containing all the details of the concerned building and its neighborhood details. Some of the details that form a part of this plan are:

  • The exact location of the building and its distance from the neighborhood buildings and important structures in the local communities
  • Structure and condition of the building detailing all the facts about the indoor and outdoor elements
  • Detailed record of the demolition plan to be followed for the building and the reason for choosing that plan
  • Details listing out the safety precautions followed during the demolition
  • Plan to classify waste into recyclable, non-recyclable, hazardous and more

Deciding on the safety measures and protocols to be followed

One of the primary jobs of a demolition company is to be prepared well for emergencies that may happen on-site. The demolition company  prepares a detailed safety plan and gets its team to sign the same, before proceeding to start with the demolition activity. All the team members are given a briefing on the safety measures to follow in case of accidents due to fire, noise, dust, or any other emergencies. The company also plans for the safety gear and regular health checks of its workforce.

After preparing a detailed report on the above steps, a house demolition company then proceeds with the controlled or explosive demolition process based on the condition of the building and purpose of demolition.

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