How getting youtube comments can naturally increase a video’s engagement and quality (and how to get more people’s comments naturally)

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How getting youtube comments can naturally increase a video’s engagement and quality (and how to get more people's comments naturally)
Learn how Italian platform lenostube can bring phenomenal solutions to help creators scale their YouTube channels in an organic way. In this specific case, we are talking about YouTube comments, one of the various engagement metrics, but done in the right and organic way. Hence, fully manually and fully compliant to the Terms of service. You will also learn tips and tricks to increase your comments naturally, and why it is important to not forget to answer to your audience’s comments.

With the recent boom in the number of creators, it has become tricky for emerging channels to get the desired organic engagement on their YouTube channel. While the content does dictate the success of an emerging channel, creators now need something more to kick start their YouTube career and get positive feedback for their videos. 

For this reasons, authentic platforms like LenosTube are committed to helping these creators establish their brand by providing manually written comments from real devices, different locations and real people. Clients can easily access emoji options, gender, and get more genuine comments related to their video content and niche. This specific platform further allows creators to develop custom service packages that fit their channel requirements perfectly, to create and scale organic youtube comments campaigns, all within the platform Terms of Service which, we should remember, on the other hand does not allow fake engagement.

With that said, Lenos has indeed made it legit, simple and safe for emerging creators to get their work recognized by new  potential viewers and to get positive, influential feedback on their video based on their niche. Another great thing that we can notice and which differentiates this platform from similar websites, is that they promote the video in order to obtain viewer comments which will match the channel demographic and niche. So, creators don’t have to worry about massive proportion of males to females which may be non-relevant to a particular niche, but can peacefully enjoy the benefit of an increased organic and genuine reach.

How Comments Contribute To YouTube’s Engagement Rate

The number of comments on a video can make or break its success. The more comments you receive, the more engagement your video will see. And so does the engagement rate goes up, a percentage-based metric which takes into account the amount of comments and likes compared to the total amount of viewers.  It is hence also used by the algorithms as a metric of ranking.

The Benefits Of Getting More Comments On YouTube

Comments are not only helpful for the video creator to get feedback on their content, but also for building that all-important social proof. Comments are the most valuable form of engagement on YouTube because they provide instant feedback from viewers and help creators better understand what their viewers want to see in future videos. Also, comments are a metric which is taken into consideration by the algorithm when ranking videos. Lastly, it will increase the overall engagement and time spent of viewers on your channel, due to the fact that a rich comment section and discussion will keep viewers more engaged.

Tips To Get More Organic Comments On YouTube Videos

One of the major benefits of YouTube is that you get organic comments, which means people will comment on your video without you promoting it. This can be a great way to get feedback and make connections with other viewers. Sometimes getting comments is not as easy as it sounds, but with a few simple changes in how you share your videos, you’ll see more comments from viewers who want to connect with you.

The most important thing in order to get more organic comments on your videos, you need to optimize your videos for YouTube’s algorithm. This is because more views means also more comments, so your focus should be on getting more views as well. Hence, you should be creating high quality content that is relevant to your niche and audience. You should also be optimizing your video thumbnail, title, description, tags, and keyword research in order to get higher rankings in YouTube’s search engine results page.

Here are some more tips to help you out: -Comment on other videos. -Comment on videos that are similar to yours. -Use the most popular topics in your videos, so the search engines will find them. -Ask for comments by asking an opinion or a feedback -Launch giveaways

Remember to Answer To Your Audience’s Comments

YouTube comments are also a form of feedback for video creators. Hence they should be seen as an opportunity to interact with the viewers and get to know what they want from the videos. It also provides an opportunity to engage with the audience and answer their questions about the video or about you as a person.

Video creators should not neglect YouTube comments because it is a great source of feedback. They should answer them and make sure that they read them, especially if they want to improve their videos in the future and show their audience that they truly care about them. After all, don’t forget that on social media the success of a page or channel is made by the audience.

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