Digitawise Releases Its First-Of-Its-Kind Infotaining eBook “Dorothy in the World of dOz and the Wizard of AI”

by Luna Fuller
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On Aug 10, 2022 Digitawise, one of the top digital marketing companies, recently awarded by Clutch as Best Service Provider in L.A., released its first-of-its-kind infotaining eBook: “Dorothy in the World of dOz and the Wizard of AI.” The digital agency shares insights regarding the future of digital marketing, eCommerce and the role of AI, featuring the opinions of experts in the industry from BigCommerce, Justuno, and Trustpilot.

Digitawise, a leading marketing agency offering full-service digital solutions to its clients from various industries, announced the release of its first infotaining eBook: “Dorothy in the World of dOz and the Wizard of AI.” The team of experienced digital marketers reached out to experts from Justuno, Trustpilot, and BigCommerce, that quickly responded and contributed with their professional insights regarding the future role of AI in digital marketing. Their opinions are featured in the eBook.

Stav Sarandiev, CMO at Digitawise, stated that the purpose of the eBook is to provide value to its clients by giving them a glimpse of what the future may hold for the industry and the role of AI in digital marketing in the years to come.” With this eBook, we wanted to give our clients an easy-to-understand and entertaining presentation of what eCommerce is all about. Furthermore, we also wanted to glimpse at where the eCommerce industry is headed. The story of the main character, and her transformation, transcribe some of the more sophisticated digital marketing knowledge through metaphors and allegories in an entertaining, fresh, fun, and heartfelt way for our auditory. We also wanted to feature the expert opinion of our partners at Justuno, Trustpilot, and BigCommerce, and we are grateful for their insights,” said Sarandiev.

“Dorothy in the World of dOz and the Wizard of AI,” tells the story of Dorothy, who embarks on a journey in dOz (the digital Oz) to find her purpose. There she finds her special helpers in the face of Dan Fertig, Vice President of Agency Partnerships at BigCommerce, Tom Balanda, US Partnerships at Trustpilot, and Derek Booth, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Justuno. She fights the Wicked Witch of eCommerce City and ultimately elevates to the highest level in the digital world to meet the Wizard of AI and get insights about dOz. 

Eva Ivanova, Content Manager at Digitawise and author of the eBook, stated that she wanted to write something creative and magical while also giving a tribute to the timeless classic: “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum. “Converging the old with the new, intertwined through storytelling, has always been a passion of mine. I’m really happy to have the opportunity and creative freedom to express that at Digitawise. After becoming a part of the agency’s marketing team, I became even more fascinated with content creation. I saw the eCommerce industry as a magical world where anyone can find their purpose. In a way, Dorothy incorporates that feeling and the experience of the average person who enters the world of eCommerce for the first time.”

The eBook is now available and free to download from Digitawise’s website. With hundreds of satisfied clients, the digital agency has proven to be a reliable source of all-encompassing marketing solutions and valuable insights for the future of eCommerce.

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