CamScanner Launches A New Portrait Enhancement Feature For Old Photos Revival

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Recently, CamScanner launched a new portrait enhancement feature, which is designed to bring old, low-quality, and damaged photographs back to life with a range of portrait enhancing and colorization technologies. CamScanner reveals that this newly introduced service is advanced in the following aspects.

Improving portrait quality and clarity with updated AI

A beautified version of our portraits can be generated with CamScanner within seconds. According to CamScanner, this new feature of portrait enhancement is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which means we only need to take pictures of our old photos or select photos from our phone gallery, and the portrait enhancement process can be simplified to simply one tap.

Detecting scratches and removing smudges automatically

Some of our old photos may not be well preserved and they are blemished with dots and imprints, which presents a huge challenge for enhancing these portraits. If we use image editing apps, we may need to eliminate these blots one by one, which would be time-consuming. Fortunately, CamScanner will spontaneously detect scratches and blurs on our photos, remove them, and fill these blank spaces based on surrounding graphs.

Completing facial features and recovering a glowing skin

Another challenge proposed by portrait enhancement is restoring facial features because they receive the most attention. Thanks to a robust AI algorithm, CamScanner is capable of analyzing our portrait and automatically reduces speckles, wrinkles, and uneven skins from our faces without compromising the overall quality of the image.

Enlarging small-sized photos without damaging their quality

This may be one of the most valuable features you will find in CamScanner. I believe that many of us have encountered situations in which we need the required size of our portrait. However, we always find that once small-sized photos are enlarged to larger ones, they turn out to be rather vague. This problem can be solved in CamScanner easily. CamScanner managed to restore the original quality of images no matter how their sizes may be changed.

Coloring black and white photos based on an AI algorithm

Those who have only old black and white photos may find the feature most helpful. For example, some of our family photos from previous generations were taken in a time when photography technology was less advanced and only black and white photos were available. Now, these photos can be automatically colored in CamScanner and we can take a glimpse of the vivid stories behind these photos. 

Enhancing your portraits with CamScanner

We all know how daunting and time-consuming it would be if we needed to beautify our photos manually. Set the time invested in learning a photo editing software alone, the portrait enhancing process itself can be annoying and frustrating since we may not get the result we want after a series of long tedious operations. Now, this new feature can be easily accessed in CamScanner with a few simple steps. 

Users need to update the app of CamScanner to its latest version and then they can find a ‘Portrait Enhancement’ icon in the toolkit. They can either take a picture of the portrait that needs to be enhanced or directly import them from the local gallery on their phone. CamScanner will automatically do the trimming task, while these portraits can be manually adjusted as well. A preview will be provided after it has finished the enhancing process, where users can compare the new, restored shot to the old photo. CamScanner’s free version allows for ten trial scans with full feature access, while premium accounts get unlimited scans.

Recently, CamScanner announced on its official Twitter account that it was supporting 25 system languages on both iOS and Android platforms and allowing for text recognition for 41 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese and other official languages, which means CamScanner is now benefiting users from different countries and with diverse cultural backgrounds. CamScanner also shared the motivation behind its persistent efforts to promote the app, which is to make it easier for a wider range of users to increase their productivity at work.

CamScanner, already recognized by its users for its high scanning quality, keeps developing new functions to provide better service for its users. So far, users of CamScanner have already benefited from its text extracting, PDF editing, and image processing capabilities and portrait enhancement is a brand new landmark. Owing to this feature, now we can dive back in time and reproduce the memorable moments behind these valuable old photos. 

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