Background Removal Service: What Is It Used For

by Wills Joe
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As the name states, background removal service is a service where service providers offer their services in removing the backgrounds from images. This service is offered to wide range of clients for various purposes. While most of the clients requiring this service are in the commercial market, there are however lot of people who would need this service for personal purposes.

Below Are Some Uses of Background Removal Service:

Product Image Background Removal:

In the commercial area or more precisely in the eCommerce marketplace, millions and millions of product images are being taken on a daily basis. This number might be shocking to some people but in reality, the actual number is beyond anyone’s guess.

Product owners, brand owner, eCommerce shop owners, commercial photographers, marketing agencies, branding agencies, advertising companies – they all play a vital role in the eCommerce marketplace. While it is only the product or brand owners who are in the business of selling the product, other interest groups are there to support the product owners in selling the products. Photographers take the product photos and marketing agencies promote the product by using those photos.

These product photos cannot be used for marketing purposes as is. Theu need to be made commercially suitable to be used in the product marketing campaigns. Once of the most common methods used to make these products commercially suitable is the Background Removal Service.

Model Background Removal:

Models are used for promote wide range of products and services. Models promote cosmetics products by applying the cosmetics on them. They promote fashion products like clothing items by wearing the clothes on their body to show how the clothes look like on someone, they showcase jewelry products by wearing them. Aside from showcasing commercial products, models are used to promote wide range of other services or to represent various projects, campaigns and organization in wide range of ways. Model photo background removal is very common. If we see a magazine cover page, most of the cover pages we see have either model images or images of famous people. These images had their backgrounds removed so that they could be published on the magazine covers.

Background Removal Service and Photo Editing Services Go Hand in Hand

What is the co-relation between these two services? Well, photo editing services is the bigger umbrella and the background removal service falls under this big umbrella. Removing the background is an image or photo editing process and the background is removed by using photo editing service. While photo editing can be used for various other purposes aside from removing the background, background removal cannot be done without the photo editing process.

It is hard to image a company simply offering their service only removing the product or model backgrounds. No company can survive only offering one specific service. A company offering their photo editing services however offers wide range of editing service including background removal.

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