Tenvis Home Security Camera – How to Avoid the Privacy Risks

by Luna Fuller
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Why Tenvis Focus on User Privacy Protection?

Many reports pointed out that home security cameras allow spying without watching the video footage, which means that the data will be easily accessed by social organizations, hackers or even other countries. And this has become one of the first privacy risks in modern society. Users also gradually aware of these risks, and increasingly questioning the data security performance of home security cameras. Tenvis sees such skepticism as a revolution in home security systems – data security is certainly part of home security! Therefore, Tenvis collects the needs of different users to achieve the ultimate data security performance of each Home Security Camera.

How User Data Leaks?

You may remember a class-action lawsuit from 2020 – for the home cameras were too easy to hack which resulting in privacy leaks, even the eight-year-old was frightened who was told to “go smash the TV”. Hackers typically gain access to home security camera data in two ways:

1) Camera will provide a background address after running, this address is usually the IP address & open port number. With some technical means to scan the IP address, and crack the password, hackers can login the home security cameras

2) Login with another application – even with double authentication, users can be compromised without updating the passwords in time

How Tenvis Reaches 100% Privacy-Protection?

Ucam – Revolution of End-to-End Encryption

• Designed by Tenvis & Projected by IoTeX, Ucam adopts block chain encryption with unique private key. Both cloud service providers and solution providers are unable to access the data

• Amazon cloud services and US local solution providers to provide reliable protection for data

• Non-registered login, only the private keys are allowed to access the data, one camera corresponds to a unique private key – which reaches full privacy protection

Product URL: https://www.amazon.com/ /dp/B08FDM5RZ5
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WebCam – Plug & Play, No Extra Drivers, No Data Retention

• Plug and play with no extra drivers, compatible with most video/video calling functions without retaining user information at all
• The independent test procedures to prevent intrusion effectively
• Features a Tripod-ready Rotatable Clip, which is designed for PC computer and allowed users to rotate to the wall when not in use for privacy-protection

Product URL: https://www.amazon.com/ /dp/B08JV53825
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TH661D – Classic Model with SD Card Storage, Practical & Safe

• The video data is completely stored in the SD card (supports mobile phone – view) to prevent the possible data leakage during the process of uploading to the cloud
• Support for unregistered use, allowing users to operate the camera directly under normal connection, which effectively prevent personal information leakage
• Strong stability with Tenvis-own solution provider and the evolving APP

Product URL: https://www.amazon.com/ /dp/B07D278QQC
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Start Date: 2/8/2020 0:00 PST | End Date: 2/13/2020 23:59 PST
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