MagSafe by Think Thing Auto-Align Phone on Any Surface with Its Powerful Magnetic Design

by Luna Fuller
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Think Thing Studio brings unique and revolutionary ideas into reality. Their Magsafe is a magnetic product that can Snap-on any Magsafe accessories or surface.

Hong Kong – Eliminate the need to hunt down cords and cables with a wireless charger. Wireless charging is effortless, reliable, safe, and here to stay. Best of all, wireless charging is now available for all sorts of Qi-enabled devices, from phones to smartwatches, earbuds, and for all phone accessories. Wireless chargers are as intuitive to use as they are easy to set up. More than ninety smartphones on the market today have wireless charging capabilities. Analysts say that it’s only a matter of time until we see charging ports disappear from all mobile phones. Removing the pier will allow better water-proofing of the device, more flexibility in form factor designs, and can improve the overall look and finish. But some of the times, due to misalignment with wireless charger, phone is not charged, that will make a person frustrated. In the plethora of options available, finding the right charging solution is a challenge.

Magsafe is designed as an ultimate charging solution for phone users, enabling them to keep their phones secure without losing their comfort. Magsafe was developed by “Think Thing” to ensure that as many users as possible experience its unparalleled capabilities and advantages. It consists of 36 pieces of magnetic ring covered in polypropylene casing that will auto-align the phone to any surface with its multifunctional double sided add product.

This universal magnetic adapter can upgrade any wireless charging phone and can even snap it on any surface. Super compact in its design, it’ll easily attach to the smartphone’s back to get an always-ready phone stand. The circular magnet aligns the smartphone perfectly for the best charging experience. Turn android or old iPhone into Magsafe compatible devices to enjoy all Magsafe accessories and privileges. One of the most beneficial features of this product is it can turn third party mobile case Magsafe compatible. It can be mounted on the car for easy navigation while driving, on the bathroom and kitchen wall.

Think Thing by Jason Li devises imaginative solutions to any challenges that emerge and aims to reshape the best gift that can be offered. They set no bounds and accept any thoughts from a different viewpoint that inspires us. They are looking beyond to create a sustainable future together with their clients.

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