Enhance Memory Function With Neuriva Brain Performance Practice By Marcus Neuriva, A Certified Memory Coach

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Enhance Memory Function With Neuriva Brain Performance Practice By Marcus Neuriva, A Certified Memory Coach
Marcus Neuriva has come up with a unique way of memorizing things using seven mainstream learning ways. He has developed brain performance practice after years of research to remember things faster.

December 28, 2020 – North Carolina – Marcus Neuriva is a certified memory coach, researcher, and an all-round brain man. He has come up with brain performance practice for the people who are not great at memorizing things during childhood or as adults. The learning steps in this practice will help people watch out which steps are significant and stick better with their memory lifestyle. 

The Neuriva Brain Performance practice helped the memory enthusiast to memorize even the small things. This memory learning practice’s significant contribution comes from Marcus’ mother, who taught him memory techniques as the Roman room system, mnemonics, and many more memorizing techniques.

According to Marcus Neuriva, “During my childhood, I face problem remembering minute facts and details of the things taught in the class. This started taking a toll on my grades. To avoid any failure, I started to improve my memory skills with my mother and the teacher’s help. At this time, my mother taught me about different ways to strengthen my memory system. She introduced me to mainstream learning ways like visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary. I have stated all these different memory enhancement practices on the Build Your Memory page. You can visit my official website to take a sneak peek into these practices.”

neuriva brain performanceMarcus Neuriva holds a Bachelor’s degree in Memory Studies that has made him coach people about mental pursuit. His fascination is towards the ‘savants’ who possess a photographic memory and wants to achieve something close to that skill. Marcus has written for many cognition websites to express his thoughts on mindful learning and memorizing. He spends most of his time coaching people suffering from memory issues and has presented his varied learning practice types on his website. Here, Marcus has provided complete learning set for people to learn through spatial, auditory-musical, linguistic, kinesthetic, mathematical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal ways. 

Neuriva walks each person through all these sets of learning practices for the brain and suggests which practice will suit them. Marcus Neuriva has not stated a set of rules to improve one’s memory. It can be like a few people can learn through part spatial and part linguistic forms. The memory coach’s idea and focus are to make the person’s memorizing power efficient. It will help people learn and memorize things for a long time and perform better in their schools, colleges, or workplaces. 

About Marcus Neuriva

Marcus Neuriva is a certified memory coach, researcher, and a brain man who provides coaching to people facing memory issue for many years. The idea is to help people develop the brainpower to memorize things taught in schools, colleges, and workplaces. 

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