Hohem iSteady X: The Lightest Gimbal Stabilizer Arrives on TikTech Need to Know

by Massimo Barnett
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Now, it is relatively common to know about the newest gadgets and electronic equipment day by day, because the digital devices’ development trend is very fast. For example, with the increasing use of video sharing applications, more and more people would like to record their life moments, and share their own interesting videos on social media. Hence, the portable selfie stick and gopro are increasingly popular.

Hohem, a well-known innovative company in gimbal stabilizer industry and the high-quality gimbal manufacturer, released their new product iSteady X on their cooperation partner shopping recommendation website TiKTech. The device can be viewed as the newest advanced gimbal in the market currently.

Some well-known media viewed the new-generation smartphone gimbal as the next dark horse in the gimbal stabilizer field, and said that it can help achieve more professional and smooth results. Hohem’s newest gimbal device is iSteady X, it maintains the Pro stabilization of 3-axis system, and comprises of a variety of advanced features.

At the very first sight, apparently, it is undoubted that the Hohem iSteady X is supposed to be the stabilizer that makes fall in love with its design and features. The device is stylish and durable, matching young people’s like and needs.

Generally, fast and shaky movements will destroy the content of videos and photography. It is very common to get unclear and fuzzy pictures especially while running, snowboarding or vacationing. Using the good-quality smartphone gimbal will be a smart idea for sure. The Hohem iSteady X has all of functions other gimbal items have, plus, this new gadget is also very helpful when users don’t want to or cannot touch the phone screen, as people can easily operate its configuration via the gimbal’s buttons.

Moreover, Hohem developed the flexibility and convenience of use. By developing the gimbal technology, its weight was reduced to only 259 grams, lightweight than previous versions and other brands’ devices. It can be viewed as the lightest gimbal stabilizer in the market. However, Hohem increased its payload up to 280g, which mean the stabilizing quality was developed and matches different smartphones.

And also, the Hohem iSteady X can be folded to fit in users’ pocket with its all-new folding design and locking mechanism, which can provide better stabilization for videos and take up less space for users. Hence, it is more convenient and portable to take anywhere. Besides, its rotatable 3-axis technology allows users to excellently handle functions, such as flipping, filming and shooting videos.

Obviously, the function of iSteady X is more comprehensive than previous devices. It comes with straightforward user operation made for everyone, and all-functional App offered to unlock possibility.

It is important for photography enthusiasts to explore the smartness and fantastic experience of this new gadgets. This will be photographers’ and vloggers’ best shopping decision for their photography toolbox.

Now people can explore the Hohem iSteady X on TikTech. Hohem and TiKTech.com has reached a long-term cooperation relationship. Almost all the Hohem gimbal devices are offered on this reliable shopping recommendation platform & discount shop. Never miss the surprising promotion to be released. It will be a totally correct decision getting the iSteady X for the upgraded photography arsenal.

iSteady X on TikTech: https://www.tiktech.com/products/4610/hohem-isteady-x-3-axis-gimbal-stabilizer-for-smartphone

iSteady X on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087JCJK4N?th=1

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