BOC Sciences Launches Ligand Design Services to Promote PROTAC Drug Development

by Luna Fuller
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Recently, BOC Sciences announced that its PROTACs technology platform can be used to provide ligand design services to promote drug development.

New York, USA – February 25, 2021 – BOC Sciences, a professional service provider in the field of Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) technology, has been committed to providing PROTAC-related R&D outsourcing services. Recently, BOC Sciences announced that its PROTACs technology platform can be used to provide ligand design services to promote drug development.

PROTAC is emerging as a promising technique in the development of therapeutics. In the process of its development, scientists have found that the ability of PROTAC to induce compound degradation is not only related to the binding of the target, but also the characteristics of the inhibitor warheads and the recruited E3 ligase determine the degradation of the compound to a great extent. Studies have shown that for the same target protein ligands, the PROTAC of different E3 ligase ligands has different selectivity and degradation efficiency for the target protein. Therefore, the design of specific ligands for target proteins and E3 ligases is very important to determine the specificity of PROTAC molecules. Various small molecules such as MDM2, cIAP1, CRBN and VHL that can bind to several E3 ligases or substrate receptor proteins of the CRL E3 ligase complex have been used in PROTAC development.

BOC Sciences offers a comprehensive series of ligand design services for target proteins and E3 ligases, as well as available ligand products for proteins of interest. Structural modification to optimize the ligands to improve their poor stability, biodistribution, and penetrability in vivo is also achievable at BOC Sciences.

In addition to the above services, BOC Sciences also provides other PROTAC services to accelerate the development of PROTACs, such as protein ubiquitination services, PROTAC in vitro and in vivo evaluation, and PROTAC structure analysis and optimization. For more information, please visit the website

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has been closely involved with drug discovery, chemistry and life science by supplying a comprehensive collection of chemicals to researchers, such as inhibitors, metabolites, impurities and natural compounds. Meanwhile, it also provides a wide range of services through all stages of drug R&D to support the pharmaceutical industry, like custom synthesis of chemicals, isotope labeling, formulation service, antibody drug conjugates, chiral synthesis and resolution.

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