SUBRTEX: Meet The Perfect Hybrid Mattress, A Station For Better Dreams

by Luna Fuller
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Subrtex mattresses are soft and supportive dream on a cloud. They’re the perfect combination of comfort and support designed for a great sleep.

Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most crucial determinants of good health. The quality of life of a person; the physical and mental health is dependent on the quality of sleep. A night of good sleep is by a good mattress, a mattress that makes one feel like they are dreaming on a cloud. A good mattress is not only important in achieving good quality sleep but also good back health. Finding the right mattress that gives one great sleep includes getting the appropriate comfort and support. Keeping in mind, the demand for a good quality mattress and an individual’s need for a good night’s sleep, Subrtex introduces their perfect hybrid mattresses, a station for better dreams. Subrtex mattresses are soft, comforting, and supportive making one feel like they are dreaming on a billow of clouds. These mattresses are the perfect combination of comfort and support that assure quality sleep. 

In this competitive and exhausting world, there is nothing more important than good sleep to individuals. Subrtex hears its customers and considering their high demands for quality sleep, they launched their hybrid mattresses which comes with numerous advantages. These assure superior support and cushioning comfort. Traditional Subrtex mattresses consist of 2-3 layers of memory foam, and these ergonomic memory foams help with spinal alignment and back pain relief.

However, the new hybrid mattresses contain the traditional three layers of memory foam with an additional layer of a pocket coil, making the mattress more breathable and helping in retaining less heat. The internal structure of the new hybrid mattresses includes the first layer of charcoal-infused comfort layer that helps absorb extra moisture and eliminate odors promising a refreshing sleep. The second layer serves as a transition layer of memory foam, adding comfort and support. The third layer of the mattress has motion isolating independent coils that allow motion transfer and adds more resilience to the mattress. The fourth and final layer is a high-density memory foam serving as a strong isolated pad bottom. The mattress also comes with a delicate cover made of jacquard knit stretch fabric inclusion.

Subrtex believes that a mattress should be the reason for comfort behind one’s premium slumber. Individuals spend 8 hours of their day sleeping every day, and these 8 hours should be the most pleasant ones. Subrtex has established itself as the premium store where one finds the miracle mattress that will be suitable for every single individual looking for back pain relief and a night of great sleep. Subrtex’s research team is highly confident in the new hybrid mattresses and believes that this might be the solution to the ongoing problems of not having good sleep. The mattresses are set to launch their first sale this fall, so individuals looking for back pain relief and a comforting sleep should be excited about this launch.

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