Evolving to ONE, the new generation of Web3 revolution ORACLE DAO officially launched.

by Luna Fuller
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With the development of business, various organizations have emerged to deal with business challenges in different historical periods. People are constantly trying to find the most economical and efficient operation mode, while obtaining the maximum profit, as well as considering the fair distribution and serving the real economy, we also trying to create a free organization for the new generation to grab the tide under the Web3 Internet revolution. 

The world of Web 3.0 lets the innovators know that it will become more innovative and let people see the meaning of the DAO as an organizational form. If we say that the modern society that exists in the form of a centralized organization has pushed the strong organization and rank distribution to its peak, this organizational form reveals that it is difficult to gather people’s hearts, the enthusiasm of members in the organization is difficult to be motivated for a long time, and team corruption is always troubled Managers and many other disadvantages. In contrast, DAO, a new-generation organizational form, tells people from another perspective about the meaning of equality, fairness, dedication, and shared results. 

The emergence of DAO in the Web 3 world has creatively solved these shortcomings. Eliminating rank, eliminating power awareness, community joint maintenance, joint decision-making, and full benefit sharing are unimaginable in the long history of development in the past. Although DAO belongs to a relatively loose organization, its progressiveness cannot be ignored. It broke through the private organizational form and came into a relatively “communist” state.

However, with the increasing popularity of DAO, after achieving wide coverage in “breadth”, it faces deep exploration in “depth”. The participation of thousands of industries brings not only opportunities but also challenges. The needs of DAO-based applications are moving deeper, more complex, and diverse, and it is necessary to integrate technologies and solutions to better match the needs of diverse scenarios. Further, the DAO model is evolving from the past “tracking trend” to “tracking innovation”, not only to achieve fair and reasonable governance mechanisms, but also to deploy breakthroughs in application scenarios, covering all aspects of people’s lives, production, and economy.


Oracle DAO’s new ecological concept, empowering the ecology to respond to changes 

The advent of Web3 has promoted the transformation and reform of human activities and values. The collaboration between distributed communities and stakeholders has become increasingly important. DAO has bridged the gap between participants around the world around the same mission or goal, and the real significance behind DAO is to complete the large-scale collaboration of capital and talents around the world in a short time. This mode of operation brings the efficiency and convenience of DAO to the extreme. Different from the traditional “top-down” management mode, the new generation of Oracle DAO was born, empowering the ecosystem to cope with changes, highlighting the “horizontal management” and “autonomy” attributes of DAO, and reviving people’s expectations for DAO.

Oracle DAO is positioned as an investment-oriented DAO organization with firm goals. Adhering to the founding belief that everything can be done, everything can be done, Oracle DAO is committed to building the strongest autonomous community that stands firm in global development. To redefine freedom, Oracle DAO brings together geek groups composed of multinational technology and finance experts and uses multiple cross-chain payment and settlement networks to create a new generation of smarter, more advanced, more scientific, and fairer asset structures distribution systems. Gather the strength of the community, ignite the dormant flames of the world, and burn a fiery “fireball”. Oracle DAO is bound to explode energy beyond the limit, touch the fire of the soul of the community, and let participants enjoy the ultimate freedom of wealth, personality, and soul!

Gathering more aspiring people around the world to actively build an ecosystem, Oracle DAO is the best embodiment of a win-win situation for all parties. Oracle DAO established a strong advisory team, Oracle DAO Advisory Group (OAG), and issued a vision give Oracle DAO an ecological development vitality help to complete its visionary mission.

In addition, in terms of community collaboration, Oracle DAO’s business transactions between nodes and between nodes and organizations are not determined by traditional administrative affiliation but follow the principles of equality, voluntariness, reciprocity, and mutual benefit. Driven by advantages and win-win benefits. Each organizational node will cooperate effectively under the incentive mechanism of DAO according to its own resource advantages and talent qualifications, resulting in a strong synergy effect.

In the future, with the gradual expansion of the Oracle DAO community and market scale, it will be more necessary to deeply understand the business scenarios and pain points of users in different industries and give targeted solutions to give vitality to the ecological development of fortune DAO, to generate ultimate substantive value for user development. This will also affect Oracle DAO’s market structure, and ecological partners will become the key force for Oracle DAO to set sail.


The combination of virtual and real economy of Oracle DAO, the thickness and breadth of ecological empowerment

Oracle DAO leads the new ecological concept of Web 3 and is evolving towards “ecological empowerment”. It originates from the ecological core of open empowerment and a comprehensive layout of ecological development. Using its own capabilities to reconstruct the top-level design of value-added scenarios, Oracle DAO is even expected to form a new generation. The ideal framework for a new economic system.

Analyzing the Oracle DAO ecosystem, it is not difficult to find its core: “Preaching love, benefiting the organization community”, the ultimate goal of the entire ecosystem is to combine the virtual and real economy, so that the Oracle DAO autonomous token and cross-chain payment system can be applied and supported. All links such as payment and settlement in the offline real economy will eventually realize off-chain consumption and on-chain settlement, opening a new blue ocean and a new chapter for new financial payments.

From the perspective of the thickness and breadth of ecological empowerment, the organizational form of Oracle DAO, as a product of the new generation of Web3, has a great relationship with the economy, culture, and environment of the era. With the development of technology and economic and social progress, the organization has abandoned the traditional single-line competition and linear thinking in the process of evolution is no longer limited to the internal management system and has broken the mechanical model of separation of value activities. Oracle DAO based on the value network is a virtual and realistic decentralized ecological three-dimensional network organization structure. It breaks the functional organization structure based on the division of labor, and realizes from vertical collaboration to parallel collaboration, from orderly to mixed order, from the pursuit of stability and solidification to the pursuit of relative stability and dynamic balance, and the transformation from a relatively single form to a diversified form. The value of the Oracle DAO network depends on the number of nodes, and the value of the ecosystem lies in the formation of a community of countless nodes connected to this network. 

Oracle DAO has various forms of expression. According to the services provided, it can be either a digital currency or a system or institution. For example, STEPN, the application platform that detonated the chain game market this year, promotes millions of people to live a healthier lifestyle, brings them into the Web 3.0 world, and makes positive contributions to carbon neutrality. For Oracle DAO, the referential significance of STEPN lies in whether Oracle DAO’s innovative playing method can successfully get out of the circle as it does and can bring increment to its own ecology while spreading universal value and benefiting the society, to reach a higher level of ecological value.

To sum up, today’s industry development needs an industrial innovation incubator to realize a truly enabling platform and a truly open ecosystem, rather than becoming a conventional porter who turns into a resource. From this perspective, Oracle DAO’s new ecosystem contains empowerment, ease of use, and win-win results, which will add vitality to innovation in all walks of life and coincide with the current urgent need for empowerment of physical and virtual industries.


Full stack support, evolution to ONE, a new generation of Web3 revolution Oracle DAO officially launched

From resource value to capability value, the new generation of Web3 revolution Oracle DAO is officially launched!

Evolving to One represents moving forward and indicates “walking together with one heart”. Oracle DAO is willing to work with peers to seize opportunities, move forward hand in hand, build capabilities and create opportunities together. Oracle DAO simplifies the process of ecological empowerment with the method of “DAO organizes people, money, and wisdom”. Technological innovation reduces complexity to simplicity and provides customers with virtual and real economic integration services with an easy-to-use DAO model. Step-by-step exploration, evolution, and empowerment mean that Oracle DAO continuously promotes the development of the industry with its partners and developers with its technological exploration and innovation capabilities, deeply cultivates the DAO concept of the new Web 3 ecosystem, and creates value together. 

In the end, if Web 3 heralds the birth of a new economic system, let Oracle DAO turn it into a system that increases real wealth, not just a carnival for those lucky enough to get in early. It can combine the virtual and the real, the actual goods and services that can change human life, and make everyone’s life better, let’s wait and see Oracle DAO become popular all over the world!

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