Flexletic provides support and holds clients accountable to improve chances of reaching their fitness goals

by Luna Fuller
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One-to-one fitness brand is currently accepting new clients who are ready to shed unwanted belly fat

Losing belly fat isn’t easy, especially if you are a busy professional with little time to workout at the gym. Flexletic aims to help busy clients who want to reduce belly fat and improve their overall fitness. Flexletic’s one-to-one sessions combine sweat-inducing workouts with intermittent fasting to help individuals melt away fat, while feeling and looking better than ever.

Flexletic’s owner Abdullaah Yaseen works one-to-one with clients providing support over a six-to-eight-week weight loss journey. Yaseen works with clients by holding each one of them accountable for their workouts. By providing support and holding clients accountable for their weight loss, individuals take control of their goals.

Yaseen has been a certified personal trainer for more than six years with ISSA and NCSF. He has worked in a variety of gyms and fitness clubs since becoming a professional trainer, helping hundreds of people meet their goals.

“I started at LA Fitness working as a personal trainer director,” Yaseen said. “After La Fitness, I worked at EOS Fitness and began my own company, Flexletic.

“My goal is always to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals. Working out has helped me overcome so much in my life and I believe it can help others as well.”

Along with one-to-one coaching sessions, Yaseen is a proponent of intermittent fasting. Fasting prolongs the period in which the body has burned through the calories it has consumed from the most recent meal. Once the calories from the meal have been burned up, the body begins to burn fat, helping weight loss.

Flexletic not only works with clients one-to-one to improve fitness, but provides meal plans to help them consume the right calories. Busy professionals may struggle to eat healthy foods. Combined with a lack of exercise, weight gain can explode.

Individuals seeking a personal trainer that holds them accountable and provides support throughout the sessions, can sign up to Flexletic now. For more information, please visit Flexletic’s official website.

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