Transformation Therapist And Coach Roshni Mehrotra Sets Out A Whole New Dimension to the Recovery of Chronic Diseases

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Roshni Mehrotra is the recipient of the prestigious, Dr. Abdul Kalam Proud Indian Award for the category, Extraordinary Transformation Therapist And Coach. She was honoured with this award for miraculous results in the life and health transformation of people.

In an interview, Roshni shared “Not only can you have transformation in your life but even reverse diseases by rewiring your mind.” She further explained that “no matter what the problem may be; whether it be a financial struggle, difficulty in conceiving a baby, a compulsive behaviour, or a chronic disease, they all originate from our own mind and the solution to those also lies in the deeper crevices of our mind.” 

Roshni Mehrotra, founder of Smile with Roshni is a highly qualified professional with deep spiritual insight. She is a licensed NLP expert, clinical hypnotherapist, and PLR therapist with a masters in clinical psychology. Apart from that, she is also trained in several other forms of therapies and techniques like EFT-TFT. This immense knowledge coupled with her special attributes and experience enables Roshni to take therapy to new heights and has gotten her many positive reviews.

In lieu of her excellence in the field of healing and therapy, Roshni received the prestigious, Dr. Abdul Kalam Proud Indian Award for the category of Extraordinary Transformation Therapist And Coach. She has also received significant recognition from medical doctors for her contribution to health and wellness, especially in reversing symptoms of chronic diseases like asthma and more. She has also been featured on TV, where hosts have entrusted her to provide health and wellness tips to their audiences.

Although based in Mumbai, India, Roshni has been a medium in transforming umpteen lives from all corners of the world, enabling her clients to achieve mental and physical health. Unlike traditional therapy which requires several sessions before notable progress can be made, Roshni delivers quick and permanent results that are often visible and measurable after a single session. She shared that the underlying secret for such results is that rather than treating matters symptomatically, she works from the ‘core’.

Roshni has worked with an extensive client list of adults and teenagers across the globe including Bollywood celebrities, T.V. artists, and CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies. Her experience and empathy give her the skills to engage with individuals from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds.

When quizzed, Roshni revealed that her interest and success in the field are driven by true-life experiences and a deep affinity for empowering people and seeing them smile. Sharing one such experience, she disclosed that years ago she was suddenly struck with autoimmune symptoms that threatened to destroy her life. Medication could help only limitedly. It was then she worked through her mind and managed to reverse her symptoms totally which left her doctor stunned. “It’s been years and the symptoms never returned” exclaimed Roshni. Post this, aiming to help others too in reversing their diseases, “disease reversal” was added to the list of invaluable services offered by Smile with Roshni.

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Despite the incredible rate of success that her methods bring, Roshni revealed that she never encourages her clients to abandon their medication. She believes in letting their medical doctors reach that conclusion. In her own words, “I never ask my clients who come for health conditions, to stop their medication on their own. When they recover, it’s doctors who decide to stop their medication.”

Roshni further revealed that Smile with Roshni is soon to launch a string of online transformational courses/challenges so that many more people around the globe can benefit and turn around their lives and health. With this intention in mind, she also runs DeStress Mind Club, an online club, therapeutic retreats and her uniquely designed ‘LifeHops’. Her programs are looked forward to by global participants and have many glowing reviews. 

With the world changing rapidly, more people are being left behind and ultimately, unhappy. Roshni wants to see humanity empowered and coexist happily with little or no suffering. Her mission is to awaken mankind to the mind’s true and full potential and leverage it to transform their lives and health.

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