The fourth book in the acclaimed ‘Positively Georgia’ children’s book series by author Elizabeth Ferris has been released.

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Reading the well-known ‘Positively Georgia’ stories may provide reassurance and inspiration to readers of all ages and stages of life.

Prince George, British Columbia — This month, popular children’s author Elizabeth Ferris will release the fourth book in her acclaimed ‘Positively Georgia series, titled  ‘Positively Georgia – Be Brave, Impress Yourself, Be Your Own Breed’. The book is a novel that is available on Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. The story centres around an Airedale Terrier puppy that has a positive view on life. Her owner, Norman, affectionately refers to her as “Georgie-girl.” George-girl spends her days assisting individuals in realizing their inherent skills and motivating them to achieve whatever they desire in life, including what they want to do, have, and be.

Fans and critics alike have already praised the new book for being both adorable and motivating, and the book is expected to receive even more positive reviews in the future. As Georgie-girl points out:

“Try to discover your inner puppy breath and share it with the world, just like I did.” Make yourself proud and you will instantly transform into a superhero. The world is in desperate need of your presence and is looking forward to seeing what you can do! Take a chance. Make a good impression on yourself! Show off your individuality because you are amazing.”

‘Positively Georgia’ is a children’s book that is suitable for children aged seven and above and is nicely drawn. It would make an excellent present. Please see the author’s Amazon page for further information on this and the other excellent books in the series. I hope you like them.

What do you need to know about the author

Elizabeth Ferris, the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, grew up with a passion for reading and writing, and she began her literary career when still a little girl. A young mother, she founded the newspaper “All 4 Kids,” an amusing yet instructive publication for childcare providers, and the magazine “Innovate,” both of which are still in publication today. Ferris is on a mission to encourage and motivate youngsters, and she has drew on her own life experience to create the famous ‘Positively Georgia’ book series. Aside from that, she works as an Executive Assistant for a Health Authority in Western Canada.


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