Unique Eternity Band Designs On The Rise

by Luna Fuller
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While a classic round brilliant cut or square cut eternity band is always a good choice, sometimes one needs to spice up their jewelry pieces. Eternity bands can be designed in endless ways, making uniqueness achievable.

There are several reasons why one may be in the market for an eternity band. Whether looking for an eternity band as an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or to celebrate the birth of a child, there are endless ways to customize eternity bands to every celebration.

Choosing the perfect eternity band is not only about getting a nice ring setting and making sure the diamonds are of good quality, the design of an eternity band is what makes all the difference in how it complements the hand. Whether the ring is to be worn alone or stacked with other rings, one must explore all options on such a big purchase.

Being informed about the different styled eternity rings can broaden one’s options and confirm whether to go classic or unique when choosing an eternity band. Here we have provided you with a list of unique eternity band styles that have become popular in recent years.

Round Diamond Halo Eternity Band

The round diamond halo eternity band is a true work of art. This eternity band features a single row of round brilliant cut diamonds. Around each individual round, a brilliant-cut diamond is a halo of small pave-cut diamonds. These smaller pave diamonds create a wave illusion around the band of the ring that causes the ring to sparkle infinitely. This is the perfect ring for anyone who loves to shine.

Multi-Row Pave Diamond Eternity Band

For those who are blessed with long and thin fingers, a multi-row eternity band does wonders. Unlike other eternity bands, the multi-row eternity band is several rings in one. In multi-row eternity bands, there could be 2, 4, or even 6 rows of thin pave diamond eternity bands stacked on one another. Many designers like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and even David Yurman have created their own rendition of the multi-row diamond eternity band.

Baguette Eternity Band

While the baguette eternity ring has been around far too long to call unique, in recent years there’s been a new trend with this shape of diamond. Jewelers today have been mixing classic diamond shape with contemporary design by setting baguette diamonds in a zigzag pattern around the eternity band. This zigzag pattern creates a unique look that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. The crookedness in this eternity band almost makes it appear informal so this ring will never look out of place when paired with jeans. Nevertheless, this diamond eternity band adds elegance when paired with wedding rings or worn alone.

Tear Drop Eternity Band

The tear-drop diamond, or also known as the pear-shaped diamond, is one of the rarest cuts found in eternity bands. This won’t be for much longer since the design of this ring has been catching the attention of many fashion bloggers recently. The alternating inverted diamonds on a pear-shaped eternity band create a crown-like design that makes the owner’s finger look like royalty.

Yellow Diamond Eternity Band

For those who enjoy a pop of color in their jewelry collection, yellow diamonds are an excellent way of achieving this. When paired with yellow gold, the shine of yellow diamonds increase so that it looks like the sun is shining through the ring. Yellow diamonds are beautiful when paired with other colored stones as well. This design is a better route for those who don’t mind straying from the traditional.

Open Diamond Eternity Band

Although a gap in the middle of an eternity ring may seem ironic for what it symbolizes, it sure looks stunning! In an open diamond eternity band, there is a gap in the eternity band setting that leaves an opening that exposes the finger. This cuff-like design makes this eternity band perfect to pair with engagement rings and other single center-stoned rings. Unlike other eternity bands, the open diamond eternity ring doesn’t require the removal or addition of any stones to be sized. This gap makes this ring the most easily sized eternity ring since all one must do is squeeze or stretch to size.

Criss-Cross or Curved Pave Eternity Bands

Lastly, we have the criss-cross eternity ring and the curved eternity ring. Like the open diamond eternity band, these designs pair excellently with engagement rings and other single center-stone rings. The criss-cross pave eternity band features two-eternity bands soldered to create an “X” shape in the center of the ring on both sides. The curved pave eternity band simply consists of a pave eternity ring with a curved “V” shape in the center of the face of the ring. These center curves in these two rings allow for them to stack gracefully with other rings that carry a heavy center stone.

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