Reptiles Cove Releases A Report On Reptile Pet Ownership Trends In The United States

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The report’s highlight is that reptiles are no longer considered ‘unusual’ pets with interest in these beautiful animals growing steadily.

Reptiles Cove, a leading website with extensive information on reptiles, has released the a report on reptile pet ownership trends in the United States. The report’s highlight is that reptiles are no longer considered ‘unusual’ pets with interest in these beautiful animals growing steadily.

The most popular types of reptiles kept as pets

Reptiles Cove reveals that the most common reptiles owned as pets are lizards, snakes and turtles. The specific species of reptiles preferred as pets include Leopard Geckos, Corn Snakes, Ball pythons, Eastern Box Turtles, bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons and Iguanas. Burmese star tortoise, Caiman lizard and the Ground Boa are other popular reptile species.

Overall pet ownership statistics

While 67 % of households or 85 million families are pet owners in the US, according to a 2020 survey, about 4.5 million households are reptile pet owners. Freshwater fish outnumbers other pets with 139.3 million such fish being owned by households across the country. When it comes to reptiles, as per the latest report from Reptiles Cove, there are about 9.4 million reptilian pets across the US. Each household with a reptile as a pet, owns an average of two reptiles.

Pet ownership by state

The states where most households prefer reptiles include Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas and West Virginia. Lizards are a popular choice in Hawaii, Texas and West Virginia while boas are the top breed of snake kept as pets in Illinois.

The future looks bright for reptile pet ownership

Delving into the most recent market research reports, Reptiles Cove report predicts that the reptile business is poised to grow in the coming year. This growth is driven by the increasing interest in reptiles as pets which are easier to care for and relatively affordable.

Tracking the retail market for both food and non-food products for reptile pets, the report reveals that reptile product sales will grow considerably between 2020 and 2024. By 2024, the sales of reptilian pet products is expected to reach $650 million from the 2019 figures of $495 million.

About Reptiles Cove

Reptiles Cove is a leading website that features a comprehensive database of information on reptiles of all types, sizes and habitats. The site features specific care sheets for common and exotic reptilian species. It offers a comprehensive information for anyone looking to be or already are a reptile pet owner, visiting the site is the best way to get all the information you need on taking care of your beloved reptile pet.

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