Lift Chairs: 8 Health Benefits and Safety Advantages of Having it in Home

by Luna Fuller
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For people who are aging or injured, the installation and use of a lift chair at home will improve comfort and well-being for individuals recovering from long-term, serious injuries or aging-related conditions.

Boca Raton Lift Chairs are state-of-the-art chairs with a wide range of positions, assisting users with sitting down and standing up and increasing comfort levels while reclining in the chair.

Let’s expand on this statement by considering 8 health benefits and safety advantages of having a lift chair in home.

1. Easy to use

UltraComfort Lift Chairs or Power Lift Recliners offer several different features, providing users with a relaxing experience. These chairs include a programmable hand control that drives the chair’s positioning. In other words, this hand control helps users move between positions seamlessly, ensuring that individuals who cannot stand up, sit down, and lie down without assistance, can move from a seated position to a fully reclining position safely without help or injury.

2. Reducing the risks of postural hypotension

Between 10% and 30% of all senior citizens experience postural hypotension, where the blood pressure abruptly spikes, increasing the risk of falling over when standing up. A lift chair reduces the risk of injury when standing up because the user can control how quickly or slowly, they stand up by adjusting the chair’s settings.

3. Reducing edema defines edema as “swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues.” It can affect any part of the human body, but it is most noticeable in the body’s extremities like the ankles, feet, legs, hands, arms, and feet. The West Palm Beach Lift Chairs are designed to facilitate blood flow and fluid from the body’s extremities back to the heart by reclining in a zero-gravity-like position where the legs are higher than the heart. As an aside, there are lift chair models that incorporate the zero-gravity function.

4. Relieving pressure sores

The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that over 2.5 million people develop pressure sores per annum. And for every pressure sore, there is a risk of infection, which is preferably avoided if at all possible. The best way to prevent pressure sores is to move around, not to remain sitting or lying in the same position for long periods. However, moving around can be extremely challenging for people with limited movement. The solution to this issue is to use a lift chair to improve movement by periodically standing up or sitting down without falling.

5. Reducing the risk of injury

The lift chair is designed to make the job of helping infirm people to stand easier for carers. This prevents injuries caused by falling, and it also prevents injuries like muscle spasms in the back and shoulders. The lift chair can lift a person to an almost standing position. This is particularly useful for osteoporosis suffers and people with dementia and other conditions like Parkinson’s, where movement is affected.

6. Increasing independence

Using a lift chair to aid people who find it challenging to stand up and sit down without assistance will go a long way to provide a sense of independence for these people. This chair also reduces the amount of work that the carers have to do when looking after people with limited movement: a win-win situation for all concerned.

7. Decreases muscle aches

Many lift chairs have simple inbuilt massage functions, allowing users to relax in a reclining or seated position and experience a back massage that works out muscle knots, reducing tired, sore muscles. An added benefit of a back massage is that it improves blood flow to the muscles, healing and relaxing sore muscles.

8. improving Relaxation

Modern lift chairs have different reclining positions, including the zero-gravity position, helping users relax and breathe deeply. The chair’s reclining function helps open the chest, relaxing back muscles attached to the ribs, improving the body’s ability to breathe, taking in more air oxygen. These improved oxygen levels result in increased oxygen transferred throughout the bloodstream, leading to increased energy, improved capacity to think and solve problems, and enhanced general or overall health.


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