CarGonzo Innovates Car Buying With a Tap of a Finger

by Luna Fuller
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CarGonzo Innovates Car Buying With a Tap of a Finger

Christopher Gonzalez, CEO of CarGonzo, stayed true to his promise when he said, “Skip the Dealership, We make car buying easy.” He created a company that helps make sure that buying or leasing vehicles is just a finger tap away. CarGonzo sells and leases vehicles where the transaction can be done from the clients’ smartphone. This feature includes virtual walk arounds, home test drives, and touchless delivery to the clients’ home or business.

CarGonzo, formerly Direct Cars LLC which currently services New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas was rebranded and given its new name in 2020. The company sells and leases used and brand new cars. It welcomes any buyers. Either a seasoned car buyer who wants to save time and money or a newbie who is enthusiastic about having a new car, everyone is welcome to experience the ease of purchasing a vehicle.

What makes CarGonzo different and a better option than a traditional dealership is the convenience and transparency of doing business online.  The clients can save many things, such as up to thirty days to shop for the right vehicle. They can also save hours of waiting at different dealerships trying to get the right deal. The clients can save two up to three thousand dollars since CarGonzo gives wholesale pricing with better interest rates. With these innovative and creative ideas, the clients simply save more money.

Since purchasing or leasing a new car can now be done using a smartphone, CarGonzo turns the dealership into only four easy steps. First, the client will fill out a credit application to get pre-qualified, this process will never impact your credit scores and then they can now have the credit and vehicle options. The third step is where the clients can choose their vehicle, and lastly, the delivery will be scheduled right at the client’s doorstep.

Customers have already expressed satisfaction with CarGonzo’s service. “I must say I’ve had the best experience with this dealership!” Tarin, one of their customers, says. “They really made the whole process of getting a car super easy and hassle-free. They understood what I wanted and worked towards my satisfaction.”

CEO Christopher Gonzalez knew that it is more advantageous if people will buy a car online. One of its advantages is the fact that it can save the clients’ money. Christopher Gonzalez knew that this internet auto-purchase provides some substantial benefits over conventional approaches, such as having the car the buyer needs at a lower price than a local dealer would have.

Moreover, Christopher Gonzalez makes sure that clients will be pleased with the online transaction. His company provides in-depth details, including applicable fees and taxes, to provide transparency and trust with the clients. With CarGonzo, Christopher Gonzalez assures interested buyers that they will not be pressured or have a hassle experience.

CarGonzo features a live agent to talk to the client’s concerns. The agents will guide them in the entire process, from the approval, vehicle section, insurance, and scheduling delivery.

Learn more about CarGonzo by visiting their website, and get updated by following their Instagram account.

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