BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg Launches Prenuptial Agreement St. Petersburg

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BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg Launches Prenuptial Agreement St. Petersburg
According to the company, prenuptial agreements can offer clarity and protection for other life events like disability or spouse death. The company states that prenuptial agreements can help assets acquired after marriage, such as settlement, lawsuit, inheritance, or business. It is also helpful to provide for post marital support or financial compensation.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg has launched services for prenuptial agreement St. Petersburg. The company explains that it is well-versed in prenuptial agreements. As it states, assets titled to a spouse may still be subject to the Florida laws of succession in death or subject to equitable distribution in divorce. As such, spouses can identify separate property that belongs to them through a properly drafted prenuptial agreement. This agreement can also clarify what the spouse and other heirs would receive in the death event.

BKG Mediation, LLC St. Petersburg, states that property belonging to each spouse can get tricky when separate assets are commingled or enhanced by community funds or when assets appreciate during the marriage. With its services on prenup agreement in Florida, the company will help clients carefully construct their prenuptial agreement to withstand legal scrutiny and ensure that both spouses are on the same page. With that, the agreement can address alimony payments or lump sum settlements, obligations toward college funding, responsibility for loans and debts, terms of the divorce settlement, assignment of specific assets, and much more.

About Us

BKG Mediation, LLC is Florida’s certified mediator that conducts mediation in a safe and convenient online environment without the clients leaving the comfort of their homes. The company also offers a comfortable and convenient meeting environment for in-person mediation. With years of experience, BKG Mediation also provides legal guidance for families, couples, and individuals facing law matters, including child custody, divorce, and much more.

People can learn more about the company at https://www.bkgmediation.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: BKG Mediation, LLC
Contact Person: Brian Gilroy
Email: Send Email
Phone: (727) 249-7200
Address:5 Island Drive
City: St. Petersburg
State: FL 33706
Country: United States
Website: https://www.bkgmediation.com/

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