El Paso Financial Expert Leading Nationwide Revolution to Help Business Owners Slash Tax Bills and Ramp Up Profits

by Luna Fuller
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Marcos Ramirez put his own frustrations with huge tax bills to work, developing innovative strategies to financially benefit small business owners

EL PASO, Texas – Twelve years ago at age 19, new small business owner Marcos Ramirez was shocked when in his second year of business he had to write a check to the IRS totaling $40,000 to cover taxes, wiping out all of his savings from his business profits. It was then that he vowed to commit himself to learning the secrets that big corporations use to minimize their tax bills and discover how he could apply them to his situation and that of others burdened by unnecessarily high taxes.

Out of these frustrations and his ensuing discoveries, Marcos founded the Tax Out Movement. Through tax savings education and consultation, Marcos empowers small business owners how to create blueprints that minimize their tax liabilities and save as much as their hard-earned money as possible.

And Marcos strategies have been a resounding success, garnering him much attention from the clients he works with, many of them in the El Paso area where Tax Out is headquartered. He is recognized in the region as a trusted, knowledgeable financial advisor who champions the little guy and helps them thrive financially in the face of tax regulations designed to work against them.

Marcos blueprint for small business owners was shaped out of years of self and professional education. He fully immersed himself in learning all of the ins and outs of tax regulations and the specifics on how smaller businesses could leverage existing tax loopholes and savings programs to lessen their tax liabilities. And Marcos did not stop at only learning these concepts: he also has a natural knack for explaining complex tax strategies in simple terms that anyone can understand.

The combination of his deep knowledge of the tax machine and the ease in which he explains tax concepts are evident in the programs he offers to clients. Through Tax Out, Marcos offers a number of customized education and consultation programs to show business owners how to infuse cashflow into their businesses while saving on taxes. A well-known name in the El Paso area, Marcos now has goals of expanding his programs nationwide to help small business owners across the country maximize their earning potential and lower their tax bills.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s this: it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what matters is what you get to keep,” said Marcos. “Small business owners shouldn’t be saddled with huge tax bills while big corporations get off paying little to nothing. Through Tax Out, we strive to help business owners implement customized strategies that help them legally take advantage of existing tax regulations to ensure they get to keep more of their hard-earned money and realize their American Dreams.”

To learn more about the Tax Out Movement or to schedule a customized tax consultation, visit https://www.taxout.me/.

About Tax Out

Tax Out was founded by business and financial consultant Marcos Ramirez, who at age 19 became frustrated when his new business was subject to a hefty tax bill, wiping out all his savings and profits. Since then and for over 13 years, Tax Out has partnered with small businesses to create actionable blueprints that increase profits while also helping them save more of their hard-earned money by reducing tax liability.

To learn more, visit https://www.taxout.me/

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