Deirdre Orr Connects Women of Color With Their Dream Job

by Luna Fuller
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Deirdre Orr Connects Women of Color With Their Dream Job
Deirdre Orr creates opportunity by amplifying skillsets and mirroring positive aspects of all of her clients. As a result, women who work with Deirdre Orr Consulting are discovering a better quality of life.

Deirdre Orr is a woman on a mission. Her consulting firm is connecting qualified employers with amazing talent and driving forward a more fulfilling business landscape. Through the efforts of Deirdre Orr Consulting, women of color have an aggressive resource to package off of their skillsets, talents and drive into an impressive resume and connection with the best opportunity.

“I help dreams come true. My consulting services develop resumes that truly reflect who a woman is. We don’t want to state facts, we want to reflect passion and speak to each woman’s capabilities and strengths. That difference is what helps her get an interview. It is a tough employment market right now with so many people looking for work. I help my clients stand out and find their best employment match,” said Deirdre Orr.

Right now there are over 550 people applying for each job posted online. This daunting statistic is also reflected in a USA Today report. More and more people are competing for the same jobs.  Additionally, people are having to reallocate their own talents and skillsets as they look to enter into different industries. Deirdre Orr is single-handily helping the female workforce pivot to these needs and get the dream job.

“I do more than write resumes and provide referral resources for employment. My consulting services are about elevating a client’s lifestyle. Getting them in the door and the money they deserve. Expressing to an employer – or even a client – who they are and why each opportunity is more than just a job – but a career and lifestyle choice. I’ve always been passionate about helping people – especially other women – when it comes to personal and professional growth,” finished Orr.

Deirdre Orr Consulting was launched in 2015 and with twelve years of corporate experience to back up the brand.  The services are unique as Ms. Orr provides insight on professional career advancement and insight to discovering the personal needs and passions so individuals don’t simply find a good-paying job, but connect with a career they love.

Members of the media are invited to speak with Deirdre Orr on her consulting services, her extensive professional background, and also for media tips and discussion points for employment-related storyes.

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