One World Of Wonder™ Announces Theatre™ Open Beta

by Luna Fuller
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The company is releasing a completely free to download and play Beta Test this holiday season

New York, NY – JANUARY 3rd, 2021 – Enter a world with high-fidelity audio, symphonic musical scores and illuminated 3D graphics with Theatre™, the new interactive online multimedia game by One World of Wonder.™

The company is launching Open Beta Testing of the new desktop virtual world software called Theatre™ this holiday season. In Theatre™ players are transformed into Avatars which they have full control of as they navigate different regions of the digital dreamscape on an all-encompassing map.

“Our company has a long-established history in interactive online multimedia, Internet-based telecommunications protocols, and high-quality family-oriented games,” said Joseph Fludd, President/CEO of One World of Wonder. “After several internal tests (and a year long Alpha) of the software suite, from a 3D modeling and animation application called ‘3D Magic Studio’, to our distributed virtual world server technology called ‘Stage’ — We are ready to welcome the world in. So they can help us test our client software called ‘Theatre’ on any Windows PC for free.”

“Theatre is software that operates much like a web-browser but instead of pages you enter regions that all connect together to form one dreamscape. Instead of just pages you move around places. Allowing users to interact with people from all over the globe. It helps to think of it like a constructive, cooperative social game, not exactly a strategy game like first person shooters that are popular today. We feel this ‘cultural technology’ helps bring people from all nationalities together in one common environment, and the more we do things like this the smaller the world will feel for the next generation of kids out there. This technology is arriving at an ideal time for the world considering new inclusive approaches to socioeconomic reform. It’s peace-time technology,” – Joseph Fludd continued.

One World of Wonder has a long-established history in casual online social games. Our previous endevours included Xivio (launched in 2006) which boasted over 1.5 million registered accounts at introduction. Theatre™ is available for Windows 7+ 32bit/64bit compatible systems with minimum Dual Core Processor, 4GB+ Ram, and a broadband Internet connection of ADSL or better. Theatre™ Open Beta is completely free to download and play for users ages 10+.

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