Multi-Genre Artist Blue Ice Johnson Is Back After 2 Years Hiatus with An All-New Sound

by Luna Fuller
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Multi-Genre Artist Blue Ice Johnson Is Back After 2 Years Hiatus with An All-New Sound

January 1, 2021 – Thanks to Blue Ice Johnson’s timely return to the scene, music lovers can once again be treated to the multi-genre sounds of talented RNB artist Blue Ice Johnson.  BLUE ICE JOHNSON is back on the music scene after been silent for 2 years. The self-acclaimed multi-genre musician told this news source he is set to release songs that have never been heard before. They will be the most different and unique kind of sound that will touch the heart of many.

Blue Ice Johnson’s 2-year hiatus was a period of self-introspection for the artist whose intent has always been to create a new sound for those interested in multiple genres like Afro beats, pop, RNB, hip hop, dance hall, rock, old music and more. It seems that Blue Ice Johnson or the Blue Personality as he likes to call himself wanted to redefine and rediscover his true sound and it appears; he has done so. Listening to his new releases, the artist is right in claiming: I want to bring something very different to the music industry and I am set to change everything.

The Blue personality is now making perfect music for those into fashion and luxury lifestyle as it resonates with several types of sounds perfect for the ramp or catwalk. The artists’ expertise and commands over diverse musical genres was evident from his single Dangerous which he released on various platforms 2 years ago. Today his new sound will be a unique blend of multiple popular genres with the input of his own personal style.

With a promise of something new that will be unlike any sound music has ever produced, blue ice Johnson says he wishes to tell the world a different kind of music is about to hit them and they need to stay glued for when it comes out. For the record, the blue personality is back on his official channel YouTube, where fans can subscribe for the latest music, music videos, performances, and more. Fans can also catch him on Instagram as the Blue Personality.

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