This Female Founder is on a Mission to Get the Word Out on All Businesses

by Luna Fuller
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The marketing and communications industry is notorious for its murky pricing, vague deadlines, and plainly just for scaring people off due to past botch job experiences. Fiona Dewaele is trying to change that. After spending 10 years in corporate management roles in finance, marketing and sales, she realized something in the business world had to change for the better. She started her own company at 32, FEAGLE, banking on her love for literature, affinity for business communications in the broadest sense to help companies strategize and shape their communications to scale and grow their business. Now her full-service marketing agency FEAGLE represents about 80 brands, small and multinational alike, and felt it was ready for a brand extension: FEAGLE TRANSLATIONS, a one-stop solution for all types of localization in -hold on- 87 languages. “A logical next step,” she says.


A little over 2 years ago, the (young) Belgian power lady and marketing guest professor, recognized the hardly untapped potential in the rising demand for very specific marketing profiles. “Not surprising. The increasingly competitive & digital landscape of marketing and comms is forcing companies’ hands. A real all-rounder with a well-rounded, well balanced skill set has become next to impossible to find, yet companies do not always have the budget to hire an entire team while many agencies have helped build their reluctance by not treating like customers deserve to be treated: murky invoicing, vague deadlines, and mainly… not caring enough.”

Contrary to many in the marcom industry, the driven redhead sought out her niche in polyvalence. “Everybody is always talking about niche down, find your niche, be specific. At FEAGLE, everything has always been about ‘NICHE UP’. We go for full-service because we can. Going from the strategic to the operational, think from brand positioning to design in the broadest possible ways, even when it comes down to pivoting a brand to survive, we take it on. And no, we haven’t hauled up all the available all-rounders to come work for us; the way we do it is assemble teams of marketing specialists in their respective fields to fit the exact needs of the companies who trust us with their brand.” No silly idea, apparently, and a message that truly resonates with small and big brands alike, as the female founder has been able to double turnover in just one year in full COVID-times. 


Now, she’s writing the sequel to the success of FEAGLE by offering even more on the communication side: translation and localization. “Supporting businesses with the efficiency of communicating with their customers has always been our passion. Although we have always catered to localization needs from within FEAGLE Marcom since the very beginning, we’re proudly announcing the launch of FEAGLE Translations, a one-stop solution for translation with fast turnarounds in 87 languages, without a minimum charge. And, of course, our linguists remain reinforced by the power of our Design Studio and tech-savvy marketing specialists to support (or even design and layout) all major document formats.” 

Many wonder why she’s taking it this far; why go for all of it? The full-service marketing agency and the translation agency?

“Because it helps my customers. They don’t waste time. That. Not running around getting a translation timed with the web builder, or the graphic designer, and the printer. FEAGLE takes away the Kafka from their jobs. Most marketing managers and officers could easily perform and shine more within their job if they see that outsourcing provides them with so much more peace of mind, faster turnaround of their projects at lower cost for their boss. With highlighting our translation service, that has always been there in the first place, we are making a clear statement: FEAGLE is YOUR team. It’s not my team, we’re brand guns for hire.”

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