VisualTargeting® Visionary Steven Kronick Wins Trillionaire Title, Releases VisualShopping™ Holiday Preview

by Luna Fuller
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VisualTargeting® Visionary Steven Kronick Wins Trillionaire Title, Releases VisualShopping™ Holiday Preview

When VisualTargeting® was starting after 2007, at a Malibu Beach mountain mansion, and its first business office in Beverly Hills, it always had a vision for a world where people would be able to buy anything that they want from their favorite television shows and motion pictures, while watching the entertainment. 

In 2020 VisualTargeting® has integrated a brand new technology that for the first time in history, makes this vision real, and has signed initial product management agreements with Walmart, Amazon, and Target, responsible for more than $882 billion per year in revenues. 

VisualShopping™ is the world’s first entertainment-driven shopping solution that lets people get whatever they want from the TV shows and movies that they are watching. Today the revolutionary new service is available for preview on all new Sony, LG, and Samsung televisions, and also on all smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

This innovation provides entertainment businesses with unlimited paid product placement opportunities and gives viewers the power to purchase anything that they want while they are watching it, with one click. It also brings a new revenue stream to television stations and motion picture producers, including royalty sharing, while bringing the best deals in the world straight to the viewer.

The online shopping market is projected to reach $34 trillion before 2024, and with VisualShopping™ entertainment from VisualTargeting®, people will be able to have fun with it. Viewers will be able to instantly purchase the clothes and accessories that actors are wearing, the technology, furniture, and items that are in the backgrounds, the automobiles on the streets in the movies, and so on.

“This is the world’s easiest most enjoyable way to go shopping,” Steven Kronick shares. 

In 2020, VisualShopping™ went from computers, straight to the world’s leading televisions. VisualTargeting® trusts that the years ahead will bring a multitude of innovators to this field, projecting a very rapid market integration that will make the general technology easy to use.

The holiday season is the world’s favorite for gift-giving, and VisualTargeting® together with VisualShopping™ is happy to provide the world’s easiest and most satisfying gift-giving solutions to empower the 7 billion people living in the world, and the 4 billion people who use the internet. While VisualTargeting® remains invested in its patented core technologies that reveal, satisfy, and foretell human Visual Style Preferences, making them possible to satisfy, VisualShopping™ is a welcomed and entertaining Christmas Gift to the world. 

VisualTargeting® is the brand new industry-standard in visual style, trusted by Fortune 500s, businesses, bestsellers, and celebrities, in 182 world nations. Bringing the world’s first, multi-patented, personal visual preference revelation technology to entertainers, it empowers them to satisfy their fans, followers, and viewers. VisualTargeting® provides free multi-patented tools for individuals, couples, and families, that empower their personal wellbeing, love for life, and their relationships, by showing them the 1 in 11 trillion personal Visual Style Palette™ that, if matched, satisfies the viewers’ favorite visual styles, and works like a magnet to keep their attention, satisfaction, and inspiration.

Among the 11 trillion Visual Palettes™ that are available to satisfy any individual or audience, VisualTargeting® has up to 174 trillion individual Visual Style recommendations available, to appeal to any target viewer, with the most effective, enjoyable, and satisfying visual style possible.

VisualTargeting® Christian visionary Steven Kronick was presented with a Worldwide Humanitarian Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and an honorable Trillionaire title, for international innovation and philanthropy, from the most trusted 121-year-old United States history organization that honors world leaders, including Joel Osteen and Franklin Graham. Steven Kronick thanks God for this professional honor.

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