Chad Ehlers Creates Online Movement for Influencers to Promote Positivity

by Luna Fuller
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Chad Ehlers Creates Online Movement for Influencers to Promote Positivity

Like most creatives, Chad Ehlers is not afraid to pursue an unconventional path in life. He laid aside a medical career to become a full-time influencer. Chad is using his online platform and passion for dance to promote positivity.

Chad Ehlers is best known by the online community as Da_Chad, his social media username. He has quickly become one of the most popular creators in TikTok. He is the founder of the ChadChange movement, a safe space for people to find healing, support, and inspiration.

ChadChange has gathered over 300 influencers from around the world. Chad Ehlers created the movement as an innovative online support group. Each day, this worldwide movement of influencers receive inspiration and motivation from each other to help with their specific struggles and needs. ChadChange is a community founded on empathy that supports people through their most difficult times.

A significant part of the movement’s success is Chad Ehlers’s masterful use of his leadership skills. By integrating social media influence and leadership, Da_Chad drives change in the lives of others. His ability to lead people is most evident when he builds others’ confidence using dance as an outlet for self-expression.

Chad Ehlers takes the power of dance and music to inspire others to grow and reach their potential. Chad not only espouses the value and benefits of dance to others; he himself is known for his ability to learn any dance. Even though he only started dancing a year ago, Chad is already performing some of the dances better than the pros. With such a propensity for dance, it is no wonder that Da_Chad found his voice on TikTok. 

The desire to spread love and positivity is a vital part and outgrowth of Chad Ehlers’s own healing process. His young wife suffered from depression and committed suicide. These circumstances pushed him to raise a teenage daughter by himself. In addition, Chad’s two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year. Overcoming this series of painful experiences led to the creation of the ChadChange movement.

Drawing from the personal tragedies he has experienced, Chad successfully created a safe space for people who are hurting and in need of upliftment. The platform is built on Da_Chad’s life story; consequently, it encourages people to exchange stories. Together, they present the message that it is possible to convert tragedy to triumph, pain to purpose. The healing process starts when people take control of their personal narratives. The ChadChange movement, therefore, is built on the premise that stories and storytelling can save lives.

The ChadChange movement also uses social media to identify and actively support various families and charity organizations. Chad Ehlers and his influencer community raise funds through live programs, taking advantage of Chad’s significant following.

Da_Chad and other top creators and influencers are coming together on the ninth of January in Chattanooga, TN. They are organizing a huge charity event for the hospital of Chad Ehlers’s daughter.

You may follow Chad Ehlers on TikTok and Instagram to learn more about him and his worldwide movement. You may also visit his website for more information.

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