Reggae Royalty Aiesha Barrett-Walker Steps Out of the Curtains and Takes the Microphone

by Luna Fuller
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Reggae Royalty Aiesha Barrett-Walker Steps Out of the Curtains and Takes the Microphone

Being born into royalty isn’t always the fairytale that people make it out to be. Living under the shadow of the greats can be overwhelming, so having the courage to step out of the dark and make a name for oneself is something more than worthy of applause. 

Ready to make the crowd roar with her courage and talent, reggae royalty Aiesha Barrett-Walker is finally taking the stage that she has set before for countless award-winning artists.

As a child, Aiesha was already surrounded by music. The singer-songwriter first fell in love with the magic of sound when she heard her father, the legendary Aston “Family Man” Barrett, play the bass for the great Bob Marley.

Having a fantastic childhood and being exposed to music that changed the world, Aiesha naturally inherited her father’s talents and love for music. Deciding to build her career in the same industry, she set out to make a name for herself.

“My father inspired me at a young age, but I was too shy to sing,” the singer-songwriter recalls. “Knowing that he’s retired and not at his best, I want to show him what I can do from now on.”

With her dreams and intuition guiding her next steps in the business, the reggae royalty set her sights on becoming a solo artist. Before taking the stage for herself, however, she first wanted to get a feel for how things were backstage.

Soon, Aiesha Barrett-Walker’s name would be well-known to music giants and executives. The young artist found herself as the touring publicist for The Wailers – an award-winning, Grammy-nominated band hailed to be new reggae legends.

Handling the group’s interviews, meets, and merchandise, Aiesha is one of the cornerstones of The Wailers’ growing success. After four years of being a part of this success, the young reggae royalty finally decided to step out and take the microphone.

Ready to record and release the songs that she’s been writing during the pandemic, Aiesha Barrett-Walker is pouring heart and soul into building a brilliant singing career. Her inspirational tracks will carry stories of the hurdles she has had to jump over to gain the courage to go after her dreams.

Hinting at what her songs’ future message will be, Aiesha reveals, “my personal experience with struggle is learning acceptance. Accepting the downs, knowing that I will rise again and higher, the setbacks are obstacles that we face to push us further and not to give up. My struggles make me stronger.”

Being born into reggae royalty can’t be easy for anyone. Having to deal with mounting expectations and the pressure to prove that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree can be overwhelming and suffocating.

For Aiesha Barrett-Walker, who is not just walking down the path a legend took but striding down it, the pressure seems extraordinary. Instead of letting this crush her, however, the singer-songwriter uses it to propel herself and become royalty of her own.

Follow singer-songwriter Aiesha Barrett-Walker and witness as she finally takes the stage and wows the crowd. Be a part of the future reggae legend’s journey by following Aiesha on Instagram or visiting The Wailers’ official website.

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