Battered Doctor Syndrome, a sensational eye-witness account of surviving Ireland’s covert capital punishment program, is available now on Amazon

by Luna Fuller
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Out-smarting a counter-intelligence murder conspiracy within milliseconds of death, proved to have been the easy bit.

Death row victims of Ireland’s ad hoc capital punishment program, if they survive, are met by the protracted horrors of a malicious police prosecution while in the throes of PTSD.

Homicidal attacks impact the medical profession more than any other profession.

Lurking behind that statistic are police-assisted murder conspiracies which target dissenting medical witnesses to high-profile police cover-ups.

Ireland’s image as an idyllic travel and tourist destination, hides a devious police state regime, with a sordid history of organized police crime, and a covert capital punishment program.

The BDS series describes how police, judicial and government crime in the Irish Republic, knowingly certifies dangerously violent criminals as being safe for the visa and travel programs of other jurisdictions.

In a blueprint developed by murdered Irish Journalist, Veronica Guerin, readers are invited to discover the secrets of organized Irish police crime as dispensed by Sergeant Sadist, Officer Scum, Detective Inspector Funnell and their judicial puppet Judge Sean McBlind-Eye, who are joined in the new sport of “doctor baiting” by Pious Crook, Lawyer at Large, his good friend Toxic Tommy at the Barony of Meath, and a former Irish justice secretary by the name of Elle Duce to mention but a few of the real-life characters.

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