Esprit Errant Travel Helps Busy Couples Make Their Dream Destination Wedding a Reality

by Luna Fuller
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Destination Wedding Architects build dream weddings from the ground up for a truly unforgettable experience.

Weddings take a lot of time and effort to arrange. From the legal documents that need to be filed, everything involves dealing with multiple individuals and vendors down to the venue and decor. Getting everything done right on schedule can be incredibly challenging, especially for active, career-oriented couples. Esprit Errant Travel is dedicated to helping busy, overwhelmed couples plan their dream destination weddings.

Esprit Errant Travel is a company that works with their guests to create elevated travel experiences and stunning destination weddings. Founded by avid traveler and project manager Charity Peaver, the company expertly curates’ journeys that feed their clients’ souls and leave them forever changed.

Peaver’s own experience of planning a destination wedding while juggling a full-time job and graduate school inspired her to help other couples make their dream weddings become a reality. “My purpose and passion is to make sure my guests and destination wedding couples every need is taken care of, and that they feel pampered,” says Peaver.

To help couples enjoy their day and take in the entire experience without worrying about every step of the preparation, Esprit Errant’s Destination Wedding Architects team does all of the heavy lifting. The company takes only a limited number of couples per year to ensure that they can provide the best-personalized service.

Their all-inclusive service includes travel bookings, as well as expertly guiding couples through the destination wedding planning process to help save them time and stress while delivering the perfect wedding.

Esprit Errant are experts in matching the right venue for their client’s vision. Couples simply have to tell them the type of wedding they want, and the team will match them with a venue and vendors that are the best fit for their style and budget.

Their wedding architects create customized timelines for the couples leading up to the big day. They also put together a detailed day-of timeline for the bridal party, vendors, and guests. To help couples keep track of their spending, Esprit Errant also provides a customized budget tracker tailored for every couple.

Esprit Errant’s team are also experts putting together elevated travel experiences for couples and groups. Their luxury travel team builds bespoke travel experiences that guests cannot get anywhere else. From three-week-long Tuscan getaways in a beautiful villa to taking three months off to travel around the world and dine at Michelin star restaurants – Esprit Errant handles all of the arrangements so their clients can enjoy every moment of their vacation.

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