Former Homeless Teen Migrant Grows Up to Become a Successful Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

by Eren Rosa
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Former Homeless Teen Migrant Grows Up to Become a Successful Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Kessa Gooden is the classic success story of a poor migrant who comes to the United States and pursues the American dream. Most people know her as a renowned author, businesswoman, philanthropist, and motivational speaker in New York City and throughout North America. However, very few people know about her humble beginnings when she first came to the country at age 14.

“When I came to the United States as a teenager, I had no money whatsoever and no one to turn to for support,” said Gooden. “I moved around and lived in abandoned buildings, shelters, and group homes until I was an adult. When you’re in a position like I was where nobody cares about you, the only thing you can do is fight for a better life. And that is what I did.”

Gooden fought her way out of poverty with nothing but endurance, perseverance, and determination. She eventually found her calling as a motivational speaker and mentor to mothers, fathers, and anyone suffering from depression, loneliness or insecurity in their lives. These are all the same feelings that she had when she first came to the United States. Now, Gooden wants to help others get through their hard times the way nobody did for her.

“I’ve always had a strong ability to speak and encourage other people,” said Gooden. “I’m happy to have a job where I can motivate and empower people all over the world. A lot of my expertise comes from personal experiences, so people know that my advice and guidance come from a place of pain too.”

Gooden is the Chief Executive Officer of several different businesses. She’s also a high selling author and philanthropist in her spare time. Outside of her businesses and mentorship, Gooden is the mother of three children. Unfortunately, her kids were taken away from her by the Child Protective Services in Nevada. Gooden claims the system is broken for mothers in her position.

“I want to help uplift other people who may be going through this in their lives too,” said Gooden. “The system is broken, and it needs to be fixed. There are loving, caring mothers out there who shouldn’t be having their children taken away from them because of backward laws that break up families instead of keeping them together.”

Gooden helps counsel people going through any type of personal crisis. Besides depression, loneliness, and issues with child protective services, Gooden helps people facing financial troubles, marital issues, and abusive relationships. Her books, speeches, and mentorship are all directed at lifting people up out of their depression and motivating them to find empowerment from within.

“The information I provide will help people overcome their challenges,” said Gooden. “It will also put a great big smile on their faces too. That is the best part.”

Gooden is currently 29 years old and resides in New York. Her latest personal challenge in life has been weight management. But even that was a challenge she was able to overcome. “I lost over 150 pounds in four years by finding the inner strength to carry myself forward and make better decisions regarding my health. That is what everyone needs to do for every challenge they face.”

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