How to Choose Cool Fonts for Any Design According to

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How to Choose Cool Fonts for Any Design According to

One of the most important parts of creating an eye-catching design is choosing the perfect font. Many people try this out for the first time by selecting a basic font included with the design program they’re using. According to, there are a lot of attention-grabbing fonts available online, so here are some tips on how to choose the best one for any design.

Remember the Branding

Branding is a distinctive design that a company or person uses to represent their product or service. Many companies have specific guidelines for branding, so all fonts must fall within those parameters. It is important to be consistent and have all fonts work well with a brand’s overall character.

Don’t Overlook Legibility

It doesn’t matter what font a person uses if the design isn’t readable. If it takes extra time to read a body of text because of the font, the audience quickly loses interest. Avoid using overly decorative fonts for large bodies of text and be sure to choose a typeface that works in multiple sizes. 

Choose Serif or Sans Serif

When selecting a font, designers should start by choosing serif or sans serif style lettering. There are a few things that can help determine that for designers.

Narrow it Down with Font Families

An excellent way to narrow down the selection of fonts available to designers is to choose a font family first. Many fonts are members of larger groups of fonts, called “superfamilies” and offer several styles and weights that give designers greater creative control. For example, the famous Helvetica font is part of a superfamily that includes sub-fonts like Helvetica Light, Helvetica Oblique, and Helvetica Black. 

Limit the Number of Fonts Used

It is critical that designers limit the number of fonts they use when creating a piece of work. Using more than three fonts in a design can make it look muddy and unattractive. Designers that want to add some variety to their designs should play around with font sizing and weight instead. 

Avoid Similar Fonts

Having visual diversity in a design is essential to making truly dynamic work. However, visual diversity is lost if the designer chooses two or three fonts that look too similar. Articles like How to generate stylish usernames for PUBG Mobile: Step-by-step guide for smartphones suggest that similar fonts are more likely to clash than complement one another. Designers using multiple fonts should make sure they are very different from each other. 

Decisive Contrast is a Must

Most of the time, it is not enough to just choose fonts that are dissimilar. The different fonts used in a design should create visual harmony. This is where the decisive contrast comes in.

The best way to choose two fonts that work well together is to find some that have one thing in common, but everything else is different. This creates a visual theme that carries the reader’s eye throughout the piece. One font should be displayed prominently as the header while the other is only used for smaller text. 

Fonts can make or break a design, so it is critical to choose the best one. There are plenty of fonts available online from places like Fontspace. Designers who use the tips above to select a font are well on their way to an eye-catching finished product. 

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