“Doodle TherapyX2” Coloring Book provides whimsical escape during anxious times

by Luna Fuller
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"Doodle TherapyX2" Coloring Book provides whimsical escape during anxious times

Robert Battaile debuts unique and whimsical “Doodle TherapyX2” Coloring Book for kids and grownups.
Austin artist, Robert Battaile “Keeps it Weird” with his latest “Doodle TherapyX2” Coloring Book.

November 18th, 2020 – Austin artist, Robert Battaile “Keeps it Weird” with his latest “Doodle TherapyX2” Coloring Book.

It’s especially useful to have some creative distractions that help you make it thru these crazy times. Multi-media artist and singer/songwriter has distilled 25 designs from a lifetime of doodling. “When the perfect pen is in my hand and the mind is elsewhere, or talking on the phone… that’s when some of my best Doods draw themselves.”

Battaile thinks the print version turned out great, but says it’s not a coffee-table book. “It’s not just an intellectual exercise of looking at the drawings and saying ‘oh, that’s nice’” the artist maintains, “No, you have to actually put a colored pen or pencil in your hand… and apply it to the paper. That’s when you escape.”
Shortly, the images begin to acquire personality. Given them names and a history as you create an environment and story for each. It can be a family activity… or not. The book is designed for all ages, even “grown-ups.” Each of the 25 images appears twice. Once on a left-side page; and once on a right-side page. “As a leftie, it feels great to finally have a coloring book that gives left-handers equal time,” Battaile laughs. “Putzing around with spiral binders and three-ring notebooks has always been a pain!”
“Doodle TherapyX2” is available from Amazon in print ($8.99) or digital ($3.99) versions: bit.ly/DoodleTherapyX2
There is of course, also Doodle TherapyX2 merchandise, coffee mugs, t-shirts and such at cafepress.com/RobertsArt
“You’re certainly invited to copy pages, color them and share with your friends,” Battaile adds. “Something unique, different and fun. Send some to me, too.”
The design “Travis Takes A Jaunt” is attached for you to share and color.
Contact: Robert Battaile battaile@calexas.com
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