Kool Products Looking for New Wholesale & Distribution Partners

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Kool Products Looking for New Wholesale & Distribution Partners
Online Retailer of Signature Replacement Gas Can Spout Kits, Announces Search for Confident and Experienced Wholesale and Distributors.

14 November, 2020 – KOOL PRODUCTS, a proud manufacturer and seller of replacement gas can spout, has emerged as an industry leader. A company focused on high-quality utility, garden, automotive and hardware products, Kool Products makes its signature collections available at super affordable prices. The company recently announced a search to partner with new wholesalers, distributors, and sales representatives in North America.

KP gas can nozzle replacement are designed for use on plastic portable fuel containers manufactured before January 1, 2009, as well as most plastic cans made after that date and those currently being manufactured. KP gas can spout fits 97 percent of the fuel container market, including name-brand gas cans, diesel cans, kerosene cans, chemical cans, any size from 5 gallon gas can spout replacement / gas can spout replacement 5 gal, fuel can spout to small water jugs; hence KP spout kits are very much considered as universal gas can spout. KP spouts, gaskets, vent plugs, caps and other accessories have been trusted worldwide for short and long-term needs.

Each KP gas spout kit includes tons of accessories, including gaskets, vent plugs, stopper caps, and coarse and fine threaded caps, for top-rated experience with any can, container, or storage apparatus. Making it easier to pour gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and hazardous chemicals without any spillage or hassle. KP gas spouts range from $7.99 to $49.99 with more than 25 different kit styles of fuel can spout available to meet customer needs.

“Customers worldwide are entrusting Kool Products Spout Kits and accessories in record numbers,” remarked Chris Costine, VP Sales of Kool Products. “Kool Products is looking forward to partnering with new wholesalers and distributors in 2021, and we are proud of the millions of units we sold nationwide in 2019 and 2020.”

Proudly entering 2021 as a market leader, Kool Products is continuing to look for reputable wholesalers and distributors looking to support Kool Products spout kits supply chain and accessory collection.

To browse the full collection of gas can replacement spouts, please visit https://koolproducts.us/collections/gas-cans-spouts or
you can also check at amazon: www.amazon.com/shops/kool_products.

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