Meet The Social Blend, Midtown Toronto’s favourite specialty coffee and macaron coffeeshop

by Luna Fuller
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It’s not just about the Coffee.

The Social Blend is Toronto’s most popular midtown specialty coffee shop that features specialty – grade coffee and delicious Korean style macarons. Their values in quality, consistency, and growth contribute to its success today. Inspired by their student life as three university roommates away from home,  founders Tom, Josh, and Ryo created The Social Blend to symbolize the value of cherishing the interactions between people, places, and things. 

A cup of coffee is a catalyst that fulfills many of our life experiences. As coffee enthusiasts, the founders of The Social Blend wanted to create a space to preserve the connection and to bond strangers in their local space through common mundane elements: coffee and dessert. In addition, a place in midtown Toronto where people can indulge in creative and noteworthy desserts to complete a full version of modern luxury, one that spins classic flavors that resonated with growing up in an Asian community away from home. 


Korean styled  Macarons 

Their signature macarons are a refined and personal Korean style take on the classic French confectionery, stuffed with luscious buttercream in a variety of flavors; Matcha Kit Kat, Strawberry Crunch, Tiramisu, Earl Grey, Double Raspberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Oreo, Injeolmi, and Milk Chocolate. These delicate treats are made in-house here in Toronto using premium ingredients from our trusted partners to ensure you taste only the most refined flavors. For example, The Kato Matcha from award-winning Genuine Tea is used to construct the tea-infused matcha flavored macarons, and 70% Valrhona Guanaja dark chocolate is used to fortify the chocolate-flavored macarons. Each macaron is carefully constructed in a way to balance out the flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. 

To honor the value of creativity, and contribute to being part of your shared everyday moments, The Social Blend devised a monthly system dedicated to creating exclusive new flavours inspired by you and your relatable stories. Therefore, whether it is to treat yourself, celebrate an occasion, or for a loved one, their macarons are perfect as a gift and an everyday treat. 


Dacquoise is a cousin in the macaron family. As midtown Toronto’s favorite macaron coffee shop, their fluffy and delicious Dacquoise is to be noteworthy as well. The Social Blend Dacquoise is made with a light and airy almond meringue biscuit with a shell that is much lighter than the macaron but still creates a noticeable and delicate crunch at first bite. Each dacquoise is also packed with a filling that is a perfect portion of sweetness and flavourful buttercream corresponding to its shell and followed with a secret surprise. We recommend them paired with an afternoon tea, coffee, and as a light snack. Also, for those who enjoy a more light and airy form of dessert. 

The Social Blend Cold Brew

All of The Social Blend’s beverages are handcrafted and made with genuine care and consideration. The Social Blend Cold Brew is a customer favorite that is made with love in-house here in Toronto. Taking approximately 32 hours to brew, The Social Blend Cold Brew makes the most out of each coffee bean. Each glass bottle offers a refreshingly crisp and balanced punch of flavor, with a clean and silky finish. It is ready to drink and especially popular with people who live busy lifestyles and for those looking for a stronger form of specialty coffee. 

Currently, all of their products can be delivered straight to your door with a flat rate of $5 CAD or free on orders over $50. Macarons and dacquoise are also available in store. Visit their site here for more details on how you can indulge in The Social Blend experience.  

Hours: 9am-8pm DAILY


Tel: +1 647-989-3186

Address: 130 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P 2XP

Media Contact
Company Name: The Social Blend
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

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