Nose mask and snoring prevention device manufactured by South Korea Airlab

by Luna Fuller
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Republic of Korea – AirLab is a company specializing in research on the human “nose” since March 2000. It launched “Nose Clean” – a wearable mask inside the nose to filter contaminated air with fine dust and pollen by using a natural filter – in June 2017, followed by “YES BREATH2,” a snoring prevention device (medical device) by expanding the nasal cavity, in August 2019. AirLab is improving the living environment as a “respiratory organ keeper” that protects the health of our respiratory organ.

About Snoring relief YES BREATH2

1) Connected with a U-shaped cord , Kojamjam2 has two conical frames which are soft silicone materials. A silicone expander is inserted into each nostril, gently expanding the nostril allowing more air to relieve snoring.

2) 2 symmetrical frames keep the silicone body in a circular shape, aiding in nostril expansion and easy breathing, which alleviate snoring.

3) The U-shaped thin silicone layers naturally adjust to each nostril reducing pressure and irritation in the nose.

4) The nonslip base is designed to snug tight against nostrils and nasal hair, preventing the device from slipping off.



The product filters contaminated air containing pollutants such as ultra-fine dust, yellow sand, pollen, environmental dust, and automobile emission inhaled into the nose with the fine fiber of natural filter (mulberry paper) and ultra-fine filter made of mulberry paper for the user to breathe in clean air. 

Differentiated features of “Nose Clean”

• Nasal filter mask in the 3-step assembly structure

 Environment-friendly filter made of natural mulberry paper and cotton

 Sanitary product replaceable with one-time use a mulberry paper filter

 Ensures comfortable wear and minimized exposure by using thin, clear silicon

 Strengthen germ-purifying function inside the nose with phytoncide added to the filter

 Reusable silicon tube, refillable filter

 Customized product by considering the different sizes of the user’s nasal holes (XS, S, M, L)

 Breathable through the silicon tube adhering to the nasal cavity, comfortable feeling of wear

 Primary filtration with the electrostatic effect of ultra-fine fiber on the surface of mulberry paper

 Secondary filtration of humidity generated in the silicon (tube) due to difference in internal and external temperatures inside the nose while breathing

Airlab is aggressively expanding its overseas markets with the above products, and any buyers from US who are interested in Airlab’s product will be always welcomed.

Media Contact
Company Name: Air Lab Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Lee Hyokwang
Email: Send Email
Phone: +82 63-236-5840, FAX: +82 63-236-5945
Address:212, 2F, Venture Establishment, 303, Cheonjam-ro, Wansan-gu
City: Jeonju-si
State: Jeollabuk-do
Country: South Korea

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