Legally Blind Veteran Business Owner Steps Up To Protect Online Businesses From ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits

by Eren Rosa
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Most business owners are unaware of their need to comply with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) regulations on their virtual storefronts. Unfortunatley most websites are not designed properly to grant full access to online content for people with disabilities. Frustrated consumers are taking legal action against businesses in the form of fines and lawsuits.

Jerry Bowden is a legally blind, disabled U.S. Army veteran. He is also the President of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions. He understands the pain that both disabled consumers, and business owners, are feeling regarding website accessibility. He is stepping up to SERVE disabled consumers, and PROTECT online business owners from unnecessary lawsuits.

Do ADA Regulations Apply To My Business?

Since 2017, lawsuits for noncompliance have been rising by 200% year over year, from frustrated, disabled consumers that are unable to access website content properly. This issue applies to ALL types of businesses, service-based, informational-based, or product-based. Any business operating in the United States must comply with ADA regulation. It’s the law.

View this report from Channel 8 News.

People with disabilities have a right to conduct business online without restriction. Business websites that exclude disabled consumers from accessing their content are discriminating against them.

What Is The Solution?

Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is able to address a large percentage of website compliance issues, rendering them far more accessible to people with disabilities, without the need to redesign the website or edit it’s contents.

HOWEVER, it is very important to note that the most powerful AI remediation engine can’t possibly address all of the noncompliance issues, especially for websites that offer downloadable content in the form of e-books, pdfs, slide decks, capability statements, media kits, etc.

The most preferred way to address a website’s compliance is to have it manually remediated by an ADA website design expert. Once a website, and all of it’s contents meet 100% ADA compliance, the fear of being sued will dissipate, and the business is poised for future growth by opening their virtual doors to an additional 20% of American consumers.

The key to success in the accessibility arena is to show disabled consumers that the business is trying to be accessible. Most disabled consumers will appreciate that the business is working toward becoming accessible, and will likely not take legal action against the business.

“I understand the struggel of the disabled consumer who can’t access online content. I also understand the pressure that business owners are under, especially during a pandemic. We are here to both serve and protect.” – Jerry Bowden, legally blind, disabled veteran business owner, and President of REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions

Where Does A Business Go To Get Started?

The struggle is real for both sides. That is why Jerry Bowden, and his company, REVEALiO, are offering ALL business owners an AI tool, (for free), called ADA Defender.

ADA Defender will begin to make a website more accessible by offering 12 tools for people with disabilities. This is the first recommended step because it doesn’t cost the business anything, AND it shows disabled consumers that they are trying.

The next step is to place an accessibility statement on the website, that formally announces the intentions of the business regarding full website accessibility compliance. This can be done similar to a terms of service or privacy policy, and made available through a link on the footer of the website.

REVEALiO Software and Media Solutions is a minority-owned, service-disabled, veteran-owned company located in the San Francisco, Bay Area in California.

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