First USMCA based Marketplace launched by The Plastic Depot

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First USMCA based Marketplace launched by The Plastic Depot
The marketplace “the Plastic Depot” recently launched aiming to integrate valued supply chain within the region manufacturers, distributors and customers.

The Plastic Depot ( becomes the first marketplace that could integrate the region manufacturers, distributors and customers after the recently signed US-México-Canada-Agreement.

In words of founding member and CEO, Néstor Garza, “the first phase of the project has been launched with over 20 manufacturers and distributors aligned, this new deal comes in the best moment and with the right expectations to improve all region life’s” pointing out that this is one of the main strengths that this agreement governments of the three countries aptly agreed and created.

The Plastic Depot is a project that has been planned in 3 phases, the first one is to offer supply connections between the economic agents of the region, offering supply, logistics, customs, and distribution solutions; “It is a Business to Business solution phase” mentioned Néstor Garza, explaining that firs they have to build up constant supply chain before establishing major inventory, which will be the thing to do in phase 2 and reach smaller business with affordable and immediate solutions. “We hate comparisons, but yeah, we will replace, or create, solutions in the region such as Chinese Ali Baba” referred Garza when asked about if it was this a segment hoarded in a way by the Chinese giant. “It is pretty simple: how long does it take to ship goods from China? at least 30 days, right? plus the import process, duties, additional tariffs and you end up getting your goods a month after you paid for it. With The Plastic Depot your money never leave the regional banking system, plus manufactures are within 50 hours ride and manufacturing capacity it’s amazing, great north American manufacturers are “all-in” with this project and can manufacture let’s say 250,000 recycled bottles in a single day, you will have it in a week, it is a great deal right?”

This way “The Plastic Depot” becomes one of the newest milestones in the new USMCA development and offers a great chance for anyone who is into the regional growth and faster, and better-quality solutions. 

Environmental and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

One of the main things “The Plastic Depot” has focused on is to reach large environmental manufacturers suppliers, such as one of their main partners, Mexican manufacturer TP, which produces over 1 million containers a day and all of them are 100% recyclable. “It is great to work with people and companies that are environmentally minded, helping to improve life quality of the region in so many areas makes us believe we are in the right path,” pointed Andrea Ortiz, Chief Marketing Officer.

Also, “The Plastic Depot” opens up the opportunity to everyone in creating income out of their project by their “Commercial Referral Program”, which involves anyone from the 3 countries of the region to refer a customer and earn a lifetime commission out of it, “There is no rocket science behind this program, we want to have as many clients as possible and we are more than willing to share a piece of the cake to everyone who is interested in generating an extra income out of their relations; see it as Airbnb, someone you know has a need and we have the solution, bring it over and get a piece out of it, simple an plain, no small letter or hidden tricks behind” finalized Jerry Delgadillo, Chief of Operations and founding member of “The Plastic Depot”.

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