Cris Frazao Designs Thrives After Lockdown

by Luna Fuller
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Cris Frazao Designs Thrives After Lockdown
The online store offers high-quality and trendy customized fashion jewelry, with top customer service.

NOVEMBER 10, 2020 – Even when there is a market downturn, some segments may take just the opposite direction. During the lockdown in the 2nd trimester of this year, the “stay-at home” requirement boosted tremendously the online commerce. Some small businesses got their lucky break during this period, when consumers had little choice but to shop online. A good example is the fashion jewelry online store CRIS FRAZAO DESIGNS (

Their owners, Jose Roberto Almeida and Cristina Frazao, who share the partnership and are also married, take advantage of their complementary skills to run this successful small business. They are originally from Brazil and reside in Miami. Cristina Frazao who has a consistent history in fine jewelry design and fashion expertise, keeps up with the latest trends, develops and assembles the fashion jewelry products. Jose Roberto Almeida, who has an extensive professional experience as a business executive, handles all the aspects of marketing, finance, and logistics. According to him, “2020 has been a challenging but wonderful year to boost the business. Consumers had the time and the money, so they went on a shopping spree from home.”

By April 2020, sales started to soar, and at the same time, some digital influencers who purchased and loved some of their products, created Instagram videos and posts, endorsing the store quality and customer service. Since then, sales grew exponentially, and its owners had to quickly adapt to the swift expansion of the demand. “The business has been established for almost 2 years, but in 2020 sales have really taken off, with very satisfied customers and straight 5 Star reviews, thanks to superior customized products and service.”, says Cristina Frazao. The IMAGE MAGAZINE run an article in the July issue with the title “Here are 9 of the best Etsy stores for chic, stylish and affordable jewellery”, and CRIS FRAZAO DESIGNS was mentioned as one of the elected stores.

Although the bulk of the customers are from the US, there have been orders from all over the world, which reassures the owners that the product design has been aligned with the global trends. Most of the customer base has been concentrated on young women, however other segments have also identified themselves with the products.


CRIS FRAZAO DESIGNS is a fashion jewelry online store, focused on customized, differentiated, high-quality and accessibly priced products, supported by superior customer service.

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