Launch of Data Hunters A Boon for Business People and Data Scientists

by Eren Rosa
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Built by a team of experienced data scientists and entrepreneurs, Data Hunters has become a hub for professionals of all kinds to discuss the big data applications in every industry. Visitors to the website will find accessible, easy-to-read information about data categories, use cases, data providers, and data sets. They will also find an active and growing community discussing data, artificial intelligence, and use cases as well as asking questions and reviewing providers.

Data Categories

Every industry generates data that can be collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence programs. No matter the profession (investments, healthcare, marketing, etc.), there is a wide and expanding range of data categories to explore. Visitors can learn about the sources and uses of any type of data and, if interested in hiring a data provider or building a proprietary data set or ML program, visitors new to data science can learn how to assess the quality of the data in question.

Use Cases

Every data category has practical applications. In the use case section, site visitors can read about these applications in healthcare, investment, customer relations, conservation — again, in every industry. They can also read and discuss the challenges that data scientists face in building machine learning programs designed to improve some aspect of life.

Data Providers and Data Sets

For every data category, there is at least one data vendor seeking to fill a need for information and analysis. At Data Hunters, stie visitors can read about data providers and their data sets, data services, and integrated software programs. Other Data Hunters users who have experience with these data vendors write reviews and recommendations so visitors can easily find a resource for their needs.

Community Discussion

Anyone can sign up to participate in the Data Hunters data science community. Thus, the number of users worldwide is continuously growing — yet the quality of information and discourse on the site remains high. While visitors can read all the reviews, questions, comments, and answers between community members without becoming a member, once they sign up (which takes less than a minute to do), they can actively participate in this community.

In Summation

Whether an expert data scientist or a new business owner, Data Hunters has the resources and community to help find the solutions to any data need — in an accessible, easy-to-read format, where connections between use cases, data categories, data providers, user-submitted questions, and so on are clear and easily accessible.

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