The New Zealand Founder Behind the 14X Sell-Out Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask Worth Millions

by Eren Rosa
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Twenty-two-year-old Gleamin founder Jordan Smyth spearheads wildly popular face mask product.

From age 15, Jordan Smyth has been building e-commerce businesses. His goal was to become independent, and Gleamin is his success story. He fell into the skincare industry naturally, because of his own past with rosacea problems. Now, their signature product, the Vitamin C Mask, has sold out 14 times within a 14 month period.

While Smyth certainly believed in his product, especially considering he used to use aloe vera on his own skin to combat redness and irritation in high school, he didn’t expect the high demand for his mask. Finally, though, they’re at a point where they can stock their all-natural, cruelty-free product to keep up with the orders.

Although Smyth started Gleamin while he was based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, the company has since relocated to Los Angeles. In 2018, he visited Hollywood and was so impressed with the fast-paced, hard-working lifestyle compared to the more laid back, relaxed environment of New Zealand that he knew the company had to make the switch. When he started Gleamin, he was so drawn to the LA lifestyle that he knew he wanted to eventually relocate the business there. California will be the new home for this growing skincare mogul.

Smyth has based his company practices on his own personal beliefs, as he said, “Starting Gleamin has honestly ticked a lot of my own boxes, personally. We are diverse and celebrate anyone and everyone, no matter who they are, we focus on natural ingredients with sustainable business practices.” And not only that, but he wants to promote a healthy, positive environment for skincare growth, both externally and internally.

The young founder wants Gleamin’s products to be high-quality but doesn’t want to stop there. Diversity is celebrated at all levels of the company, from consumers to employees. “I put my uttermost attention to not just customer happiness, but team happiness too,” says Smyth. They want to focus on corporate values that line up with what Smyth himself believes in — authenticity and straightforwardness, both inside and outside the company: “We are growing, but focusing on quality while we grow. Quality to the customers, and also quality internally with company morale and culture.” This is a company that truly holds up its standards when it comes to ideology, quality, and results.

Gleamin’s current best selling product is a Vitamin C Face Mask that incorporates aloe vera, turmeric, and kaolin clay to help remove redness, inflammation, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. They strive to address skincare issues traditionally associated with underrepresented communities, and in doing so want to promote a skincare community that sees and appreciates the natural beauty of everyone, regardless of where they come from or what they look like.

About Gleamin

Founded in 2018, Gleamin is built on the belief that there is not enough diversity, authenticity, and transparency within the beauty industry. By developing effective, clean, superfood-rich formulas that are safe for all skin types, Gleamin endeavors to enrich its global community with natural confidence, and a new-found sense of freedom.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gleamin Inc.
Contact Person: Jordan Smyth
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Phone: +1 (458) 227-7910
Address:750 N San Vicente Blvd, Ste 800 West
City: Los Angeles
State: California 90069
Country: United States

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