The Scribesmith Introduces Conversion Kits to Guide Businesses on Launch Plans and Copywriting

by Eren Rosa
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This company takes the stress out of strategic brainstorming sessions so businesses can generate online messaging that packs a punch of personality

Establishing a strong online presence is vital for businesses. This act allows them to reach out to customers in the pandemic. However, launching a plan and crafting a noticeable copy is never easy.

The Scribesmith Media & Marketing Inc. knows how difficult it is for brands to see both a blank page and a blank screen every time they work on their business plan or copy. To help make that process easier, the company introduces its Conversion Kits.

The kits provide the systems that are perfected by the company and turns them into tools, templates, and strategies for brands to come up with winning launch planning and strategic copywriting decks.

One of those kits is The Launch Planning Deck, which features a four-step guide to make any launch planning stress-free. It’s ideal for first-time launchers who want to do it right as well as those who consider themselves as experienced launchers who are tired of things popping up mid-launch. It’s ideal for small teams and solopreneurs as well as course and membership launches.

The Launch Planning Deck has a Strategy Mini-deck, an Elements Mini-deck, a Team Mini-deck, a Tasks Mini-deck, a Debrief Mini-deck, and a set of labels to categorize warm and cold traffic.

The Scribesmith also offers another kit, The Copywriter Deck. The deck’s based on The Scribesmith Conversion Trifecta™, a three-step system to guide a research process and dig out opportunities to improve conversion. This deck is intended for new copywriters, copywriters looking to refine their research process, and DIY-ers. It contains a Personality Mini-deck, which includes a brand story arc and humor cards; a Data Mini-deck, which includes fears and audience motivation cards; an Edge Mini-deck, and a Copywriting Formulae Mini-deck.

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The Scribesmith specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses launch courses, membership platforms, and other digital products in the most efficient way possible.

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