Ash Scattering Services & Online Memorials In 2020 Disrupts The Funeral Industry

by Luna Fuller
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Ash Scattering Services & Online Memorials In 2020 Disrupts The Funeral Industry
Amid the COVID-19 crisis and the rising number of deaths, funeral homes are conducting funerals online.

A leading green, memorial company is currently in the middle of an online funeral revolution. With nationwide shutdowns, people being limited to numbers, or not able to attend funerals at all, TheLivingUrn and Ecorial have come up with an alternative solution.  Launching online memorials, ash scattering services, and informing the general public of the cremation and burial options available to them, even in a pandemic.  

Planning a memorial service or funeral is always challenging. In most cases, family members need to organize everything and inform loved ones while dealing with grief urgently. The pandemic has made what was once a complex process now immensely difficult. The restrictions on many aspects of human life, including how the memorial services and cremation has a huge impact on the funeral arrangements.  Having an online memorial, that can be shared with anyone online, or more conveniently with an app, can bring families together to remember loved ones lost, even in the midst of a pandemic.  The additional ash scattering services, which you can have recorded, and the ashes scattered at a destination of your choosing, can also ensure your loved ones last wishes are honored, even if you cannot travel.  

TheLivingUrn and Ecorial, continue to support communities as they find ways to remember those they have lost, while still maintaining social distancing, and often even when no one can travel either to a funeral, or to a scattering service.  

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While the pandemic may be changing the way we live and even die, the funeral industry has pivoted and companies like The Living Urn are offering people new options. The Living Urn can be reached for more information about hosting an online funeral, or to inquire about scattering services.  

About the Company: 

The Living Urn provides family members with numerous urn options. The patented Living Urn® is the very first and best bio urn & planting service that’s meant to help grow remains into beautiful trees.

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