Koudmani: A Key Figure In Young Entrepreneurship

by Luna Fuller
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Koudmani: A Key Figure In Young Entrepreneurship

Manaf Koudmani is a successful 20 year old entrepreneur, he was born in the US, and raised in Syria. Manaf left war torn Syria at 13 to relocate to Egypt. Manaf started working at the young age of 16.

He later moved to Lebanon, Spain, and finally Dubai. The young entrepreneur studied Hospitality & Business Management at Les Roches in Marbella, Spain and Switzerland.

In Beirut, Manaf Koudmani, set up his own events company called ”Mage Prod”, along with his bestfriend, Georgy Hadife. The business is currently managed by Hussein Al Khansa. The production company brought ”Booba”, the famous French rapper and most legally downloaded artist in French history, to come perform in Beirut in 2019, and had plans to bring ‘Ninho’ and ‘Maes’ for the 2020 summer season, but COVID and the economical situation in Lebanon made it impossible.

This young entrepreneur quickly started working with tons of the most top notch influencers and celebrities in the french and international media field. However, given the global pandemic and the current environment in many areas of the world, Manaf had to decide to focus on different areas of business.

As everyone knows, 2020 has been a difficult year for most, but for Manaf Koudmani it has actually been a professional success. Manaf first decided to establish a company in Dubai and started selling medical equipment in many countries including the UAE and Germany during the pandemic related lockdowns. He also set up ”MK Trading”, alongside Adrien Laurent ‘AD’ – which is a stock market brokerage platform where he has already 1,800 students after a month of going live!

He also recently acquired ”42 Gram” which is a digital marketing agency, previously owned by two French individuals.

Manaf Koudmani is currently in the process of launching his new influencer agency named ”MAK Media”. Today, Manaf Koudmani is one of the most promising creative minds coming to the fore. According to Manaf, his biggest strength is his family’s emotional support and his success would not have been possible without it. We can expect much more from Manaf Koudmani in 2021, Stay tuned!

View Manaf’s Instagram account at: https://www.instagram.com/koudmanii/

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