Iconic Trader Shares His Life’s Journey In His Movie Viviendo El Sueno

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Iconic Trader Shares His Life’s Journey In His Movie Viviendo El Sueno

The globally recognized trader Emile J Machado reveals the story of his life in his soon to-be-released movie Viviendo El Sueno.

Emile J Machado, one of the greatest traders at present and a respected figure in the trading industry, has made a movie that traces the journey of his exciting life and his incredible career as a trader. Also known as Emile Trader, this towering personality has detailed the various achievements of his life in his movie Viviendo El Sueño.

“I am happy to share the story of my life with my fans, followers, and well-wishers in my movie Viviendo El Sueño,” says Emile J. Machado. “I am sure my story will act as an inspiration to my followers worldwide and motivate them to do better. The movie will soon be available on YouTube.”

‘Emile Trader’ a reputed name in the trading industry, represents an entrepreneurial, positive figure.  His remarkable discipline and ability to perform accurate and detailed technical analysis has helped him achieve spectacular success.

In a family of professional engineers with impressive degrees and successful careers, Emile was the odd-man-out. His childhood dream was to become a footballer but as he grew he had his priorities sorted out. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Andes. However, the changing circumstances and situations in Venezuela dramatically changed his life. 

In 2016, Emile made a decision that shocked his family and friends. He announced that he was migrating to New York in the USA. Despite huge opposition from his family and relatives, he went ahead with his decision. He had many dreams and wanted to fulfill them. He did three minor jobs while in New York, but knew that this was the baby steps he had to take to reach his bigger goals. 

Emile Machado was impressed by how the Forex markets worked and spent a lot of his spare time researching the subject. In the course of his research, he came across Cuebanks, the inspiration behind his success in the forex market.

Emile Machado connected with his mentor Cuebanks in 2016 through Instagram and was invited to join his trading course. He decided to start training in Forex and Cryptocurrency in 2017. The initial days were strenuous and complicated, as the course was in English and Emile was not fluent in the language. However, that did not stop him from pursuing his Forex dream.

After spending three months absorbing all the knowledge he could through the course’s online material, Emile started a demo account and then a real account for trading. 

Emile soon moved to Miami, FL, and here his success story took roots gradually. In 2017, he launched his PROFIT 4 LIFE academy. It focused on helping men and women to train as profitable traders. The first year showed excellent results, and the first course took place in July 2018.

Emile J Machado now runs two academies, over 20 face-to-face courses, has over 3000 students, has written two books and stitched up incredible alliances. All this is well-documented and interestingly presented in his movie Viviendo El Sueño. 

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Emile Machado was born in Venezuela and did seven semesters of his Mechanical Engineering degree when he realized he wanted to do something else. He wanted to be an entrepreneur and to realize his dreams he emigrated to the USA. His relentless pursuit of his dreams has helped him achieve success as a forex trader. Today, he has more than 3000 students worldwide and his academy Profit 4 Life attracts more students every year.

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