Band Founded In 1989 Focused On Paying Tribute Elton John

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Is Twenty that good The title has its history it is a concept album dedicated to their 20 years of marriage with its hurricanes and its edens music is absolutely adorable sometimes close to Marc Bolan sometimes Brian Wilson and sometimes exquisite rock snipers like Todd Rundgren A joy to record

Is Hate for Sale that good The Pretenders is one of the few groups with a long history 40 years and without punctures They have good and regular records none of them bad This is one of the first Hyndes bouncy voice is in good shape and the repertoire is loud and rowdy garage rock Its like the band has gathered in a basement with a few drinks and started playing

Who A singer guitarist and cellist who from London has built the soundtrack of these dark times, Is Forever Blue that good A lot but it must be consumed with caution because it can plunge us into a world of dark hollows AA Williams debut can be added to the same track list as Nick Cave Dark apocalyptic sinister intense exciting The right music for the darkest autumn of our lives

A band founded in 1989 focused on paying tribute to the British rock and pop of the sixties The Beatles Small Faces Rolling Stones The Kinks They have played at parties with the presence of Paul McCartney or Elton John They continue making covers but now they have released an album with their own material

Is Onceinaworld so good Fantastic collection of songs with a clear influence from The Beatles and the guitarist pop of the sixties Theres something unique about this album it puts you in a good mood as soon as the first song plays

Listen to the song Till Your Luck Runs Out by clicking here Who are they A group from Brighton UK led by Dana Margolin After some trial and error recordings they release the superb Every Bad the album that every young and not so pissed off needs

Is Every Bad So Good Margolins anger is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain and PJ Harvey Youre wasting my time someone had to tell you and Im glad it was me shouts Margolin in Long Taciturn rock against inaction

Who are they Without Ritchie Blackmore and without John Lord When we expected nothing from these kings of hard rock they go and record this worthy Whoosh

Is Whoosh That Good At least it is not inconsequential And thats saying a lot for a band that already lived through its golden years long ago

With the voice of Ian Gillan still resisting in the studio another thing is direct the mythical English group plays all the styles of their extensive career hard rock symphonism psychedelia and leaves some strange but suggestive almost catchy pop pearl that surprising.

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