David Bowie Seventies Less Gloomy Monsoon in 2020

by Wills Joe
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The world is reeling There is an inconspicuous enemy lurking People take refuge in their apartments The bolt rings Those who step on the street is to set fire to containers for racial injustices

What a year this 2020 Although it is always there as in all turbulent periods rock the music where the electric guitar is the primary instrument emerges with more force

Since this new order of the mask was imposed splendid rock records have been released some furious others sophisticated To show that this phrase of rock is dead is one more fake news here are these 18 examples from newcomer bands to veterans

Who are they An angry band from Bristol UK to which The New York Times recently wrote a report with this headline Idles are launching a postpunk revolution and everyone is invited

Is Ultra Mono that good A pestle hammer with cutting guitar arms and angry voices Or what is the same young people enraged with Brexit political cynicism patriarchal society and the oppression of migrants The revolution will no longer be televised it is heard on Spotify on the Idles account

Who are they The band that has made a radical genre thrash metal become massive Metallica concerts are an eclectic gathering of heavies posh punks teenagers grandparents

Is S M2 that good Recommending an album that lasts two and a half hours in the age of immediacy seems foolhardy But we do because this work with the San Francisco Symphony is enjoyable The first part was released 20 years ago following the tradition of hard rock groups merging with symphony orchestras Now comes the second where the result does not squeak On the contrary rock and classical team up to give a new life to classics of the group like Master of Puppets Enter Sandman or One.

Is Human Traffic that good Fans will like to have albums by Bruce Springsteen Tom Petty or Johnny Thunders in their nightclub Classic rock and stories of losers We have heard it a thousand times but when it is well executed and with passion it is always a party

Who are they The band of Elin Larsson a splendid 31yearold Swedish singer who dominates many registers bluesrock soul psychedelia hard rock

Is Holy Moly For those who believe that 70s rock cannot be updated This is the example as is that of Greta Van Fleet Young people starting from Led Zeppelin to create their own style Not only in music Also in the lyrics I am a proud woman who wastes my time believing the lies of the hypocrites Elin Larsson sings furiously in the empowered Proud Woman

Is We Are Chaos that good His best album in a decade especially for songs like Paint You with My Love or HalfWay One Step Forward meeting point with T Rex or David Bowie of the seventies The less gloomy Marilyn Manson gets the better.

The less forced fuck he howls the more enjoyable When the song is in the foreground covering the character is when this musician is more interesting And there is a lot of that on this album He already says it in Keep My Head Together Dont try to change someone you will end up changing yourself

Who Essential musician of American alternative rock His album Lapalco 2002 contains so many good songs that you have to listen to it carefully Benson also has his rock project with Jack White with the Raconteurs

Is Dear Life that good Should the records have a coherence in sound Does anyone listen to entire albums today To the first question no and the second we had better because if not nobody is going to read this

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