Rolling Stones Head Up Live Forest National Arena

by Wills Joe
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This album is a sindios a dispersion where there is room for a hiphop percussive base heavy guitars indie pop nuggets Everything goes wonderfully because variety is at the service of good three minute songs Babys Eyes is from now on one of the most outstanding of the year

Who are they The chosen ones Modern media tend to disdain rock but every once in a while they jump in to support a guitar band as long as they are well dressed The Irish Fontaines DC as well as having a cool wardrobe are good This is their second album

Is A Heros Death that good Life is not always empty the Irish obsessively repeat in the song that gives the album its title As existential as Radiohead with the arrogance of the Strokes sounding in the shadows of Joy Division or The Cure This album is the soundtrack of angry young people in times where showing rebellion is almost a moral duty

The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup Live Forest National Arena Brussels Who are they The Rolling Stones with their most rock formation the usual quartet with Mick Taylor on guitar This is the seventies intimidating rock and roll

Is Live Forest National Arena Brussels so good Here we are cheating a bit it is indeed a recent edition album but recorded in 1973 This direct is part of the packaging of the luxury reissue of Goats Head Soup and is an entire concert of that tour Here are the Stones that the rock band of the group loves fastpaced dirty imperfect a quality in them sexual Even creamy Angie sounds tough on Mick Taylors electric guitar These Stones will never come back lets take advantage of them on this record.

Who A guy almost better known as an NBA commentator on ESPN than a musician He was born in Washington but lives in California In the time that basketball leaves him he writes songs as good as those contained in this Twenty.


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