Dr Seuss Picture Books with Outlandish Poetry in Classical

by Wills Joe
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I grew up with classical music My parents were musicians by training and they decided not to have television at home so I played the piano sang in choirs and went to a lot of concerts

As a child music was my secret sanctuary was my balm in moments of frustration my confidant when I felt lonely he helped me express joy in moments of happiness and of course awakened my creativity and imagination

To this day I continue to play the piano on a daily basis usually after a long day of writing I have always loved playing and composing music Years ago walking near a swamp I heard several kinds of frogs croaking all at once and that sounded like a classic fugue to my ears

When I got home I composed a little piece that I titled Happy Frogs and I accompanied it with a poem I loved that creative process so I repeated it Twenty creatures later The Symphony of Animals was born

It should be added that my mother played the organ in church and on Sunday mornings we shared a bench in front of the instrument and I turned the pages I still relive the incredible connection with her as I followed the score waiting for the precise moment to turn the page.

My father was a tenor in a harmonic quartet and I remember attending his rehearsals and marveling at the thought that four voices could create harmonies so beautiful as well as complex.

Throughout my life I have learned that music is indeed a universal language rhythms and melodies come to all of us and in much the same way regardless of nationalities genres cultures or even ages That was the reason that prompted me to launch this ambitious project

As a child I adored Dr Seuss picture books with their eccentric characters and outlandish poetry The Symphony of Animals aims to devise something similar a magical world of images and poetry focused on a new generation of young people and I even tried to give it one more spin In fact.

The Symphony of AnimalsIt is an illustrated book to read aloud which also contains a surprising musical twist Each animal that stars in the story has its own piece of modern classical music a short and entertaining composition that reflects the unique personality of each of them.

Through fascinating new technology the song of each animal accompanies the illustrations and poems and creates a fully immersive narrative experience I imagined a book to teach young people how powerful classical music is so that they learn to have fun listening to it Using augmented reality.

The book magically reproduces the specific piece associated with each character cheerful and funny in the case of The Bulging Kangaroos thoughtful and calm in The Wonderful Whaleor crazy and bizarre in The dancing wild boars or The beetles and their jobs

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