82-Year-Old Artist Antonia Surprises with Her New Art

by Wills Joe
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At 82 years old, Antonia La Española is a box of surprises as he starts to sing a song he has written begins to remember how he learned to sew in a self-taught way by undoing garments that he later reassembled.

These objects and the stories of this neighbor are the history of her town, Genalguacil a corner of 410 inhabitants in the Serranía de Ronda of Malaga and they serve the Albacete creator Ana Varea as working materials.

The fruit of that close relationship that both women have maintained in recent days has crystallized an artistic installation in the rooms of an abandoned house in the municipality.

Where concepts such as mourning are developed and popular rites such as trousseau are staged. Antonia thus acts as the common thread of La casa de Fulanita, a project with which Varea intends to collect history “and prop up memory,” as he explains.

His work shows some of the keys to the XV Genalguacil Art Encounters : the realization of works in situ and active neighborhood participation.

This initiative brings together, every two years, a group of artists to develop their projects in the town, this year with special measures and reduction of participants due to the health crisis.

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